Mylar to keep Aerogarden bowls cooler?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by paestum, Jan 29, 2023.

  1. Hey there,
    I'm beginning to think there is a design flaw (well, several) with the Aerogarden Farm product.
    It's the only one with 60W lights and inevitably the water in the bowls heats up.
    I religiously use two ice blocks twice a day and the temp still heats up.
    I read that mylar film could help by reflecting the light from the lamps. Thoughts?
    And what about adding a fan at a very low speed? Other ideas?
    I'm not in the market for chillers...
    Thanks! IMG_2054.jpg
  2. There are some ideas in the following thread:
    Question about CPU coolers and radiators
    Also, I use the bubble wrap reflective material as shown here:
    Bato of the Systems

    It may help alleviating some of the heat, but the heat still needs to be removed, which isn't possible without a cooler.
    Idk how much you would need to cool the res though... a big part of the reason to cool the res is to keep the oxygen in the water, but with aeroponics, it's moot. It's more about keeping opportunistic pathogens away.

    If you look farther down on the Bato thread, you will see I've constructed a self cooling reservoir. Something for you to consider in the future.
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  3. thanks!
    Way beyond my technical abilities though!!
    the mylar helped a bit and I have been putting one ice pack in twice a day...
    soooo tricky with this device...
    Do you think that a fan could help as well to diffuse the heat?
  4. Can you somehow get the reservoir out of the tent? This is the major heating spot.
    I just abandoned having the bato reservoirs in my tent and have made it so that they go outside, like the aero's reservoir.
    Bato of the Systems
    btw, I saw your other thread and posted some info. I have some rot atm and posted how I cleaned up.
    I also have some recommendations for beneficial organisms posted a message down from what I linked.
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  5. Thanks man! Appreciate it!
    It's not in a tent... here's what it looks like
    Farm 24XL | AeroGarden
    Really appreciate your help!
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  6. ah ... that's some unit! I don't see you having heating problems, but yea, ice packs ftw. I used ice packs for years with little problems. I ended up using cleaned out bleach bottles that I would fill with RO + calmag solution. I would squish them a little before sealing them up, because they would expand when frozen.
  7. Throw away the Mylar. FOREVER! It's useless. The correct solution is to get a water chiller. Throw the Farm Xl garden in the trash too!
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  8. Id try to put some plants in a standard dwc setup and try for a few days to see if it improves

    if so move to a traditional DWC setup

    trash the aero - garden

  9. I believe in you @paestum and I think you can get your system to work. Just keep the res cool and don't overdo the EC/PPM levels.

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