Mylar. A lot of it for a little bit!

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  1. So I been building my GR bit by bit, buying piece by piece, so forth and so on.
    I'm a budget guy when it comes to EVERYTHING due my love for money, so I thought I share some love with my fellow GCers..

    Mylar...Get some..
    I ordered these from Amazon for like $9.00..

    Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10): Industrial & Scientific

    They're mylar blankets....Used for like camping out and stuff but also used for what WE need it for. These blankets are pretty big and you get 10 of them...And you you ask me, they look VERY reflective...Sure the come folded and what not but if you REALLY wanna straighten it out...Put a towel over it, give it some low heat...

    But for $9.00 and the amount of mylar coverage you get...
    I dont think we'll beat this deal guys...If you think other comment a post your link! We're all in together now haha

    Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10): Industrial & Scientific <- check it out if your thinking about some mylar.
    I was gonna go with flat white paint until I came across these!

    They've also got this thing called Amazon Prime right now. You can use a FREE trial of it and get FREE shipping! Act quick as IDK how long it'll last!

    Cheers world!
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  2. Oh yeahhh, you can also go with gift wrao being the CHEAPEST OPTION! The Christmas gift wrap that has the mylar on the back of the roll!

  3. ive thought of this before but thought the wrinkly blankets would get hot spots like aluminum foil. let us know how it goes. and make sure you dont automatically get the year of amazon prime after the trial. its like 80$ a year.
  4. What's up Sox? All's good on my end! I've got it all hung up tho! I'll start germing my seeds today and take some pics of everything.
    I've read in various places, various ideas. Some say that mylar won't create hotspots, some say it will.
    I'm gonna go with they type of grow that I have total control over..You know, rotating once a day, F.I.Mming, and scrogging.
    I will be journaling and documenting everything here soon and let you guys know..
    I'm also growing with about 22 CFLs, so I dont think I should run into the burning issues as the CFLs will be as close to plants as possible, and don't give off that strong of light.
    And as far as that amazon trial..Im using a prepaid visa which has maybe a penny left on it haha! That same visa I bought and ordered my seeds with!
    Thanks for the heads up tho! Good info!
  5. Good find, order placed!
  6. I am also working on getting supplies for my grow room. I was thinking of ordering most of the things from Amazon except for the CFL's. Seems to me that most of them come broken or short out quickly and I would hate having to pay return shipping. I saw those mylar blankets but I wasnt sure about getting them. I dont really care about hotspots too much right now since I only have one plant, but I was seriously wondering if those blankets would be good enough to reflect properly.

  7. You won't be disappointed. It's literally SOOO MUCH mylar. 10 pretty big "blankets" or sheets of mylar. Glad I could help you. Like I said..I love money and I smoke toooooo much to waste a dime(Hence the growing lol):cool:

  8. My grow space is looking quite platinum at the moment haha! I'll vouch for the reflectiveness. Barely any light, if any at all shines thru the mylar. And the fact that it's folded up makes it looking like platinum tiling haha! I like it!
    And the CFLs all of mine worked..None came broken. They were bubble wrapped to death bro. I've also gotten the two 125w CFLs I have online not thinking twice about getting a broken bulb..
    The blankets are seriously good enough. I'll put up a pic tomorrow. Maybe even tonight..I'm gonna work on it some. Don't let me forget if you NEED to see a pic

  9. Great minds think alike!

  10. Well I read the reviews on Amazon and people were saying the bulbs would break in the package because they were stuffed in there tightly or they would short out too soon. I would hate for that to happen. I guess I dont want to take any chances. I looked on the Lowes website and I can get four 23w CFL's for like 23 dollars so im probably just going to go there and get the bulbs I need. Also a pic of the mylar would be great.

  11. I'll get to that pic for you..And Lowes is cheaper than that. I've gotten most of my CFL's from Lowes. But ppl complain about everything to be frank. Look for a seller that will issue a refund if that helps you. I didn't think twice about getting broken light bulbs..I just ordered believe I'd get what I paid for..And I did.
    My CFL were packaged with other things too and made it safely.
  12. Well Amazon says they will pay you back, but I guess at this point id rather just go to Lowes and get them since I can return and exchange them easier that way. Plus I plan need to plan some other electrical equipment as well. I need a bulb splitter and a socket(no lights in my closet). What I really wnated though that I thought was cool were LED's but I have been reading mixed review n the subject. From what i can tell though is some of them either wont grow your plant at all or will grow it and wont make it flower. I saw a video on one LED by this company that shows their LED's over flowering marijuana plants but id hate to be scammed when im trying to keep my budget under 250. I was willing to go over it to for the LED's but better safe than sorry. Which CFL's did you order?
  13. Makes sense to wanna do things locally. Totally understandable.
    I also go a splitter than turns 1 bulb into 4 from eBay also. I got this for $10.00.
    - 4 in 1 Studio E27 Light Lamp Socket Splitter Adapter | eBay

    And two of these corded sockets as well:
    - On Off Switch E27 Lamp Holder Socket AC 250V 10A Light w 3M Power Cable Cord | eBay

    Almost like you. I've only got on socket in the closet, so I'm supplying the rest.
    I think where you're gonna spend the most will be odor control(carbon filter/fan, Ozonator/fan) + ducting. And/or on your lights. I spent maybe $85 total on CFL's. To get the 22 that I have. But the ozonator/fan/ducting ran about $130 but ONLY because I traded a t5 lighting system for the ozonator + $100.00. Ozonator cost about $350 in stores.

    You're gonna need extension cords as well. Once again, eBay.
    And an oscillating fan
  14. spend a lil more and get panda film?
  15. The Mylar is more reflective than the solid white side of the poly.

    We're talking cheap, but effective here. I think tho, to get even close to the same amount of poly film, we'll spend no less than twice as much.
  16. Here are some pics from my "grow room" aka closet

    I'm using the Mylar I told you about. I'm growing organic in grow bags. Using the exhale co2(not sure yet how good it is). And I'm using an 8 inch in duct ozonator for the smell, with an 8 inch duct fan that moves 450cfm. The fan inside is for air circulation and strengthening the stems.
    The duct length is 25ft
    I think itsnextra reflective! Also got it blocking an entire window. It's letting no light in or out, and can't be seen from my upstairs room window!

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  17. [quote name='"illie with a W"']Here are some pics from my "grow room" aka closet

    I'm using the Mylar I told you about. I'm growing organic in grow bags. Using the exhale co2(not sure yet how good it is). And I'm using an 8 inch in duct ozonator for the smell, with an 8 inch duct fan that moves 450cfm. The fan inside is for air circulation and strengthening the stems.
    The duct length is 25ft
    I think itsnextra reflective! Also got it blocking an entire window. It's letting no light in or out, and can't be seen from my upstairs room window!

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    And I've got sockets for 6 more cfls. What u see is 20

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  18. I love the way your setup looks but ive read up on CFL's and people sya you want them close to the plants to avoid stretching. You have a lot of them so I don't know if youd still need to do it but most from what ive seen people have like six and that's what they do. Personally, im not worrying about any kind of odor control. It's only going to be one plant and barely any kind of maintenance man comes into the bedroom in my apartment. I'm just learning how to grow so I wanted to do one plant at a time from some bagseed. Even if they do turn out to be male I would consider my learning endeavor to be a success if I can make them survive like two months. I'm doing a DWC system because I find soil so messy.

    I have an extension cord and fan already. I was thinking of just plugging the cfl's into it and hanging it over the plant. If it turns out to be female i'm going to sell off what I harvest and then get more buckets and lighting. I'm going to go with max six 23 watt cfl's though. I wanted the mylar because people say the more light the better if you can control the heat so I wanted to make sure nothing was wasted for my first time grow.
  19. Cheers Nerd,

    I've started a little while ago with a bagseed got it to pre-flower, but then I had a scare and yanked it. I was high as hell and paranoid for no reason. I just got an unexpected knock that sounded just like a cop knock. Low and behold it was guy that was bringing stuff over from Craigslist..."shaking my head"...I smoked like a quarter of weed that one night lol.
    But since then I've learned a lot and prepared for this grow. Told the one person that knew I was growing last time that I ripped the plant up and was done growing. Not that I didn't trust him..I just wanted to be sure..So now it's me and my girl's secret.

    Got myself some supplies(what I thought to be essentials), started my soil cooking so that It'd be nice and ripe when I get ready to transplant, set the grow space up, and now I'm about to germinate some seeds which are live from Attitude Seedbank! It's cool to order them for sure. They came thru for me twice. Now I'm good for a few grows.

    I'm gonna go with:
    -1 Fem. Blue Widow(Blueberry White Widow)
    -1 Fem. White Widow
    -1 Autoflowering Bubblicious.

    Then from there I'll clone the Blue&White Widows, veg them for a month and then start to flower again, keeping it perpetual.
    I'll have to have a second grow space or divide my grow space in two. I'll figure out by then.

    You said you didn't wanna do anything about the odor..MAybe you'll get lucky and it won't be a problem. I was banking on that my first time around but never got to the smelling part, so I can't advise you as to whether or not if you'll be ok. But I got the Ozonator by itself by trading for a T5 lighting panel via Craigslist, so I JUMPED ON THAT, and got the ducting and the fan to build around it. I only had about $70 invested in the lights and the ozonator cost a cool $300.00.
    -Shoot for Ona Block Pro. You can get it on eBay for about $10.00.
    I'll more then likely end up getting some depending on the stench i have to deal with.

    AND the ONLY thing messy about soil is mixing it up...Once it's all mixed, you just water it..The plants take nutes from the soil as they need them, and you can also feed them as they ask. A little more wiggle room for error and PH issue, which I had the first time and you prob will. But to each his own. Success in your endeavor.

    P.S. I think 8 of those 23w CFL's should be the bare minimum. That should put you a little over 10,000 lumen for your plant:cool:
    Nothing will be wasted if you apply yourself an learn. I feel like a pro haha and I havent succesfully harvested..Well that'll change soon. Theres a wealth of info and people like you and me lurking bro

    Good luck
  20. What I really wanted to do was get an autoflower plant but my silent partner said he was going to ask his dealer about seeds so im waiting to see what he says. I know people sya the minimum is 10,000 lumens but im hoping the mylar and the fact that I can open my closet when im home and letting the light shine on the plant will be enough. The lights will give me about 6400 lumens if they are accurate about the specifications.

    As for the odor im almost welcoming it. I love the smell of bud and itd be great for it to fill my bedroom.

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