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  1. I have soluble mycorrhizal. The only question I have is how often should I use this when I'm watering? Is it something I should only use a few times or add to every watering/ every other watering?

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  2. When supplementing a plant with living organisms you're basically just starting a culture and it should continue on it's own after you get it established. When I use beneficial microbes in hydro I will add them the first two water changes in veg and the first one in flower. That's all the whole grow. The rest of the time I use a sugar supplement to keep the cultures healthy. The plant likes the extra carbs too.

    Hydrogaurd is an exception to that. I use that every water change just to make sure I have plenty of that good bacteria to keep the root zone clean. When I change the water I dump it all out and I like to have fresh stuff in the res. If you use a medium it never gets dumped out so adding more later on isn't necessary.

    Just feed the plant with the mycorrhizal innoculant 2-3 times and if you transplant maybe give it a fresh spike.

    Beneficial microbes may seem expensive to add to a routine but they can really add a lot to root mass and yield. You don't need to add them much over a grow because they are living organisms. They multiply. This makes them quite economical to use. A small amount can go a long ways.
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  3. Ok got it that's pretty much what I've done so far. I had to transplant one so I put a little In the soil where I was placing the roots, then gave her some water with a little In that as well. I'll discontinue untill next transplant going into flowering stage

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  4. If you're in soil you only need apply once, generally at first transplant. Once You inoculate the soil with the fungus they will continue to grow on their own.

    I have no experience with using mycorrhizal fungae in a hydroponic setting.


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