Mycorrhizae after growth has started?

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  1. Is there a way to add mycorrhizae into the soil after you have started growing?

    At a local farm store I found some mycorrhizae pellets that you are supposed to put in the hole prior to transplant. Would I be able to just shove one of these down near the roots or should I brake it up, mix it with water and water it in?

    Any idea?

  2. Crushing the tablet and mixing with water and then applying it directly around the stalk will give the best scenario to inoculate the roots.


  3. I put my granules from mycorrhizalproducts in a trench around my existing plants and watered them yesterday. Lady at the company, Barb Niland, told me to get it down to the roots, but I don't think I got deep enough. Pshing a finger down into it, then putting the granules into that might have been better than a 1-2 inch trench that I did. From what I read contacting the roots with the product is what is optimal.

  4. I am thinking of making a gel out of the pellets. Pushing a ink pen down into the soil at an angel into the root ball and then using an eye dropped or a straw to put the gel down far into the soil near the roots.

    My plants are about a week into flowering. Hopefully this will help with some growth!
  5. is it possible to use the same tablets in water and molasses aerated? To boost the myco percentage, like wormcastings tea type deal?
  6. odie2190

    Unfortunately it is not possible. These harvested strains do not become re-activated until they come into contact with the plant's root hairs. Adding it to a tea wouldn't accomplish anything at all.

    The best method to inoculate a plant is to add the strains to a rooting gel if you're using a rooting method other than potting soil. If you're using a potting soil mix to root then adding it to the overall soil mix is how it's done in the wholesale nursery industry.

    It doesn't take much either - about 2 tsp. per 1 gallon of potting soil for rooting processes is more than adequate. Adding 1/8 tsp. to each plant in the plastic cell is probably the best way to insure equal distribution.


  7. You can also put the powder directly in the bottom of the hole prior to transplanting
  8. aww bummer ok then was worth a shot
  9. I put some (very small amount) in the hole for my seeds after they first sprouted. I also have been putting it in my transplant holes for tomatoes, etc. Plan on putting it in my transplant holes when my MJ seedlings get that old, too.


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