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  1. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share this link to a product I thought some of you may be interested in trying, some of you may already know about it, but for those of you who don't, here it is. I haven't got the chance to try it yet but some of you may be able to. I think it would be very beneficial to you guerilla growers too, as they provide water and nutrients to the plant which is something you need if you cant be tending to them everyday. But this is great for everyone none the less This is a link to Paul Stamet's website "". He's a very popular/successful mycologist and mushroom cultivator. Hes written a lot of books and he's got some cool stuff available from fungi perfecti (his business).

    Fungi Perfecti: MycoGrowâ„¢ mycorrhizal products
  2. Nice, thanks for the link bro
  3. I did a shit load of research on this stuff.They guy who sells the fungi is a reseller.he has nothing to do with the fungi .They guy who makes it is called DR.Mike he makes the stuff and 7-10 other companys throw there name on it and say its thieres and it isnt.I looked at each one and what was in it and the best stuff is called great white it cost the most but it is this guys A+ STUFF the only thing that pisses me of is they say keep adding it to the plant over and over thats so you will buy more ,,HORSE shit! Add it after your first transplant applying it to the roots ,the stuff has to be right on the roots to start growing!then it will grow and spread with the life of the plant.Its big help is helping with the uptake of P and that is what the plants need in flowering.Also to realy help the fungi take ahold it should be feed Fulvic acid this will help alot.There is to kinds of fungi one for trees and one for plants get the right one!Bioag has some of the best fulvic acid and humic acid.I have alot of info on this stuff on the start of my outdoor grow jernal for 2010 maina way more than i want to right down again it will help all who see it .
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    Great info.....the kind of mycorrizhae spores MJ likes is endo. Ecto is used by more woody plants. You can use the myco products that have ecto/endo n them and the MJ will use the endo as needed.

    Like you were saying, once the myco is applied, it colonizes and multiplies as long as there is a food source for it. You can really get the colony energized when you water in the mycorrhizhae with an AACT (actively aerated compost tea/worm tea). A fresh brewed tea will be teeming with microbial activity, which will activate the myco spores.

    Then.........your Rhizosphere will have the perfect environment to put your root growth in overdrive.

    Maina, could you post a link to your journal so I can follow it? Thanks to you and Champloo for this thread. IMO, mychorrhizae is a must have when growing organically.

  5. Yeah, this helps with the uptake of macronutrients. There are nitrogen fixing bacteria and fungus. If you add sugar (the bacteria's food) it should actually increase the net amount of available nitrogen to your plants and increase growth noticeably.

    College bio finally has come in handy!
  6. And yes my organic friend the airrated tea is a must and they will all work as one :hello: i would love to have you look at my grow set up how do i link it? its under outdoor grow jernal by maina its on the first page the amount of info I have on this is WAY crazy:D
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    Ah I believe there may be lots of other products offering these spores but the link I provided is to Paul stamets website, and he by no means has "nothing to do with the fungi"..... Hell hes got everything to do with the Fungi.

    You can aquire them however you please, but I myself trust Mr. Stamets for quality product. As a fellow mushroom enthusiast and puget sound resident, and he has a great reputation. I mean hes like a grandaddy in the mycology world.

    edit: Wait, do you mean someone else has a patent on it and and makes the stuff and fungi perfecti is reselling it.

    That could be so.
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    Champloo, have you read Paul Stamet's book "Mycelium Running"? It's a great read on the importance fungi plays in all life on Earth. I too, like to hunt for mushrooms. I'm a Morel and Chanterelle hunter mostly, as I'm leery of any that are questionable to identify.

    I too live in Washington (SW) but the picking opportunities here are good.

    I have used the MycoGrow for vegetables. I wanted to try the MycoGrow for hydroponics in an AACT, but was thinking that it might be wasteful, as I already had the mycorrhizae in the soil.

    Do you have any thoughts on this? I suppose you probably can't have "too" much, but while trying to be thrifty, I didn't know if it would be overkill.

    Take care,

  9. reseller thats what i i have chickens i feed the chickens i get eggs i do the work on coming up with the best eggs i sell you the eggs and you put your name on the box and sell them to the masses and say look at my most awsome eggs i have buy them from me. thyats it in a nut. I love looking for wild mushrooms :hello:
  10. dr mike is only one of the three growers in the nation and his plant success mycorrhizae only averages 60 spores per 50ml sample and his great white only averages 80. The top grower is reforestation technologies, they have the top strains of mycorrhizae (called Mykos) and guarentee 2000 spores per 50ml sample.

    I met the guys at the portland show, they have 5 world records for giant veggie growth and told me that the dr mike guy used to actually work as a salesman for their company. I guess they trusted him and let him see what they were doing production-wise and he started trying to do it himself like 5-6 years back. Needless to say, that's kinda shady if you ask me. RTI sells the pure fungus without all the humic and ferts in the mycoapply and mycogrow stuff so you can see exactly what the fungus is doing for your plants. Iv'e only been using it a few weeks, but the stuff is kickin ass over my control crop in the side by sides.

    MYKOS, the pure goods, is only 14.99 for a kilo and ou only need 2-3 tblspoons per plant. They only have one strain on their label, but they explained that the intraradices in it is the reason for the world records. I thought diversification was better, but apparently its like if you were to go into battle. would you want a couple of kids, a few girls, and some old people going to battle for you, or would you prefer the best of the best--only marines going ot battle for you and in much higher numbers? made sense to me and if they are responsible for every world record then i doubt they can be wrong--they are the nations oldest and top grower of the mycorrhizae fungus.

    dunno, but price is cheap and the quality is bueno
  11. I got some of that stuff grngiant.

    /agree muy bueno :smoking:
  12. BTW, kind of on topic. I was reviewing THIS PAPER on Mycorrhizae and came across something I found very interesting. Here is the excerpt:

    So basically, with the help of this particular Mycorrhizae, plants could almost be considered carnivorous... feeding on springtails for nitrogen... crazy.
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    Yep - Dr. Mike (Mycorrhizal Applications) is probably the top company producing mycorrhizae fungai. His company is based in Grants Pass, Oregon.

    Here's a list of companies who use his fungai - (Mycorrhizal Applications - Home Owner) Plant Success, Roots Organic, Kelloggs, Dr. Earth, Pennington Seed, E.B. Stone, Monrovia, Down-To-Earth, Garden-Ville, Fungi Perfecti, Fox Farm, et al.


    BTW - the prices at Fungai Perfecti are almost delusional. The current price for is $10.00 per lb. for the powder and $14.50 for the micronized. Maybe I should buy a few master packs and go into the fungai business.


  14. On your recommendation over a year ago, I've been getting my endo (among other things) at Concentrates, and TBH.....ten bucks a pound is unbeatable. Buying it by the oz at Fungi Perfecti is a perfectly good waste of money.

    BTW.......welcome back and so sorry about the loss of your loved one.

  15. chunkdaddyo

    Thank you for your post. I'm glad that you've found the folks at Concentrates helpful with their products. Bill over there is a very nice gentleman and helpful as well. To be in business for over 70 years it indicates that they're doing something right, eh?

    And I appreciate your kind words on our family's loss. A very classy thing, IMHO.


  16. Heather has been helpful as well. She shipped me a pound of endo a while back (I live and work in Kelso) and they're closed on the weekends. I read one of your posts elsewhere about a new organics supply store called Naomis in P-Town, and their pricing seems comparable.

    I'll need to make the drive some weekend and check out her place. It's always nice to have several resources.

    Take care,

  17. chunkdaddyo

    Naomi (of Naomi's Organic) was the former retail manager at Concentrates and she decided to go out on her own and eventually created her new company.

    I consider both Bill (at Concentrates) and Naomi as personal friends. There's a story there but it's not my story to tell on this venue.

    Having said that, you'll find Naomi to be a real asset in assessing soil amendments, processes, etc. She's a very educated individual in the area of organic agriculture/horticulture.

    Naomi's pricing is pretty much equal and on par with Concentrates - I have absolutely NOTHING bad to say about either company. I do lots and lots of business with both of them.

    You'll be well served by giving your business to Naomi's Organic. She, like Bill at Concentrates, is a person of honor and integrity, IMHO.

    BTW - the 'new' version of mycorrhazae fungai from Grants Pass has been changed with regard to the physical look. It's the same deal but the process that they're using to 'micronize' their products has a different 'look' but that's it, i.e no difference.

    The reason for the 'change' was to allow people that use inline fertilizer injectors (like Dosatron for example) to be able to use their products (horticulture industry) without being concerned with clogging and other issues.


  18. is there a cheaper place?
  19. Is there a shelf life expectancy for these mycor goobers, i.e. do I need to be concerned about freshness or anything else when selecting a bag off the shelf at the grow store? Also, what about application rates? I think I recall from reading somewhere a tsp per 1 - 3 gallon rootball?

    I plan on doing a trial run with the reveg method (I'm experimenting for my own amusement). So, I'm going to try the grow op that member smoove has done, grow 4 plants in two tubs (if you haven't seen the results of his grow you absolutely have to check it out. Simply amazing). Following harvest and when I transplant my speciments i want to use the mycor's. Existing subjects will be coming out of 3 gallon containers with a huge and healthy root ball. How much mycor should I sprinkle on each rootball.

    Thanks all.
  20. My nursery just started adding these fungi to their brand of potting soil!

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