Mycobags (Shroom growing) Question

Discussion in 'General' started by Jimi001, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Has anybody heard of these? There's these bags from where apparently all you have to do is inject the spores and that's it, I'm just wondering if anybody has heard of these and if it will work good. It also says that it's good for any grain loving mushroom, are cubenis grain loving? I want to buy them because it's only like $10 on ebay and there's a much smaller risk of contamination this way. what do you think?
  2. yes cubies are grain loving, as for mycobags themselves ive never used them.. I believe the bags are just for colonizing substrate.
  3. how often do they need light once they're colonized?
  4. There is no set amount.. light is only to trigger/ induce pinning.. also lets the pins know what direction to grow.

    you can get away with as little as 1 hour of light a day if you want.. light isnt a key factor for mushie growth.
  5. Thanks dude, one more thing. What strain would you recommend from spores101, there's like 6 pages and I have no idea.
  6. I too would like to know this haha, i would like to start growing once i get a stable job and my car fixed.....
  7. tell him Banez from the shroomery sent you, and you'll get 5$ off and a free syringe.

    I personally like Brazilian, Lipa Yai, and Blue Meanie.
  8. will they really get ruined if they are exposed to more than 90 degrees? it's like still over 100 here

  9. FUCK spores101. use Ralphsteresspores

    You pay for one, and get one free, and I've NEVER had contam. from them, But I have had contam. with spores101.

    Go on the shroomery too! They have so much information. I would suggest you start with Cambodian.
  10. try the vaults at much more information there and the people are much more friendly.
  11. will what get ruined? when you receive your syringe keep it in the refridgerator or somewhere dark and cool until ready to use.
  12. i have cambodian cubes from ralphsters I bought in december never used.
    Bought a kit on ebay and figured it was lazy i guess

    but ya ralphsters got me spores, real top notch. Ill look they might not be cambodian..I got 4 syringes btw

    How long do they last?? They were professionally prepared by ralphster or whatever, its an IL company btw. Never tampered with. These say they were from a december 06 batch so theyre about 10 months old

    Edit: they are costa rican, but they resemble cambodians pictured on other sites, probably still real legit no doubt

    btw, im interested in these bags also jimi let me know what you end up doing
  13. They're still good bro! Get them shits in the incubator, and get growin!

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