My xanax story.

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    alright so i was chilling with a bunch of friends, smoking some kush actualy. this girl who had like 300 bars on her was being a bitch to me for no reason and she eneded up leaving a baggy with like 25 bars in it in my car. she was all barred out so she didnt kno and since she was a bitch i took them n didnt tell her. i gave 5 to my friend cuz ya no hes my boy im not gonna charge him n then i had 20 n he had to go so i went back to the crib. i took 1 and a half bars which is less then i normally take. i wasnt going to take anymore, but after the xanax kicked in i decided to take the rest. i dont remember it and deffinately would never take them all if i wasnt fucked up. the next thing i remember after taking the 1 and a half was waking up in the hospitol almost 2 days later. i dont remember the rest of that night, i woke up the next day and went to school! i drove to school parked perfectly actually, put my coat in my locker n grabbed all the stuff i needed for that class(which is amazing i forget my stuff everyday) and proceeded to pass out on my desk. my teacher asked me a question and accoring to my friend who sits right next to me, i slurred my words so she made me get up and i could barely stand i was swaying n stuff n i guess i drooled up a storm on my desk and then the deans wer called n then the nurses and all that good stuff. they wanted to search my car so they took me out to the parking lot and i couldnt find my car for like 45 mins lol but there was nothin in it and then they sent me to the hospitol and the ambulance guys wer assholes they wer yelling at me(i can remember little bits and peices of that day but almost nothing) then you can pretty much figure out what happened from there. im currently serving my 10 day suspension and just had my hearing yesterday and im expelled

    this happened last wednesday i think so im still dealin with all this shit also keep in mind im 18 and only weigh like 130 lbs so 20 bars is deffinately a LOT

    (btw im not a scrawny little kid lol)
  2. have to be 18 to be on this site...damn....
  3. i meant 18 wrong button :/
  4. my friend died on september 15th, he took 20 bars. his mom went into his bedroom the next morning and found him dead in his bed. dont fuck around with that shit, your lucky your still alive.

    and dude, your underage. you gotta be 18 to be on here, read the rules.
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    how old did he say he was before?

    what did you get expelled for? Under influence during school? must be private school.
  6. actualy they said they were surprised i didnt die in my sleep im deffinately thankful to be alive. sorry about your friend bro. i kno man i never thought id take all those xanax. my life is changed from what happened like so much more happened that i didnt put in that little story i learned my lesson.

    and im 18 chill whats with people and freaking out about the age thing? im 18 i hit the wrong button chill man.
  7. ok but ur expelled? that sucks man ive been there. sorry bout that, learn and live.
  8. i put 17 instead of 18.nah its a public school and i got expelled because it was my 2nd drug offence at school. my last one was less then 2 months ago they found an 8th in my car
  9. i feel ya, well good luck man.

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