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  1. Hi
    This is my girl. What do you think?
    (sorry but the picture isn't good)

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  2. PIC 2

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  5. Characteristic of my cultivation:
    Strain:White Widow
    Cabinet: 32,5cm x49.5cm x51cm(high)
    Ph soil:6-7ph
    Light:fluorescent 45W and compact fluorescent 23W (1500lum.)
    Ventilation: aquarium pump
    vegetative grow- 36 days
    flowering- 37 days and she's still flower

    My cabinet is very small.

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  6. Thanks for replyes
    I know i don't get much harvest from her
    (sorry for my english but I'm playing in cards in my english lessons)
  7. I have only 10 grams witch that plant, but its taste very good
    and it kick ass =)

    Happily I done many clones so i will have more that shit soon
    see ya layter

  8. Looks nice to me. You only got 10 grams from that plant? Or did I read that wrong?
  9. Unfortunately you read good, only ten grams
    but i'm happy peace
  10. Well 10 grams is better than nothing!! Hopefully you'll be able to increase your yield on your next harvest.
  11. know when i seen this thread i thought it said..."My VW"....and i'm like right this guy's taking the piss aint he?....i'm looking for some camper van or something only to check it again and realise it was White and i'm only on my first can...tonight's gonna be out...Sid
  12. hell yeah i'm waiting till i start slurtring my out...Sid

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