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  1. Well this is my first post, hope I'm doing it right ha. Well my friend and i were chillin in his living room one morning. My friend had just loaded a fresh bowl into his bong. However the stem was broken so you couldn't leave the bowl in bong while it wasn't being ripped. My friend had taken the first hit, but I was finding a tv show to watch so he just sat the bong and bowl down on the end table. After I found a show to watch I reached for the bong and accidently knocked the bowl off the end table.

    At this point I was just worried about the bowl being broken or the weed falling out of the bowl, but little did I know me and my friend had something possibly impossible on our hands. When I looked at the ground and didn't see the bowl piece at first, my initial reaction was to look under the couch. So I looked under the couch and the bowl piece was no where to be seen.

    This was the start of the most extensive search for a lost bowl piece in the history of time. We completely took every piece of furniture out of the living room, looked under everything, sweeped all the corners. The bowl piece was no where, I believe it disappeared to another dimension.

    This was at least 3 months ago and the bowl piece still hasn't shown up. Am I crazy or have any of you had an experience like this before.

    P.S. We still got our wake and bake in, luckily we had another bowl left.
  2. Your not crazy. Its called "That Mario Shit"

    In super mario if you drop a coin or something it dissapears into the ground. its happend to me and after extensive research i've concluded that... we'll never see our shit again.
  3. Read a book called

    "place where lost things go"

    I think... Anyway, it pretty much gives a fictional story that explains this. Good, easy read.
  4. Happened to me when I swear I had seen my phone fall under the couch I. Was sittin on I looked for it about an hour n I gave up n the next day I decided to look under the, other couch n it was right their lol
  5. It's probably in your left hand.
  6. yea me and my freind used to pack black and mild's with weed... i know gross, but anyway we were packing one in my truck one time and he dropped it, and we searched over and over for it and never found it... A few weeks later i took the seats outta my truck to clean it, and thought it must have fallin in there, and low and behold.......... it wasent in there. Soo that shit just amazes me i have no idead where the fuck it went...
  7. yeah, i lost my bubbler for an hour... I was getting worried I asked my sister if she seen it she walks into the bathroom and finds it on the counter hahahaha I swore i looked there I think theres something that steals pieces and smokes them and returns them The smoke ghost :eek:
  8. This has happened to me, never found my shit again

    Maby it fell at a certain way at a certain angle at a certain speed and left the dimention
  9. I had a little pipe with a detachable bowl, and i lost the bowl while i was sitting on the couch. I never found it.
  10. Hmm I'll have to read that book, it's ridiculous cause it's not some tiny bowl piece. It would be clearly visible lying on the floor
  11. Come and talk to me once you've spent 10 minutes looking for your phone while talking on your phone.
  12. brooooooo this is bigger than that, like et shit
  13. [ame=]Are You Afraid Of The Dark-Tale Of Oblivion 1/3 - YouTube[/ame]
  14. What the fuck ^^ this can't be possible haha
  15. At the cottage with my buddy, we go out to the car to close the windows for the night and kick a sesh. We had 2 bowls packed with some nice dry nug so it was one toke per bowl = a bowl per person.

    Well my buddy take his toke and clears the ash from his bowl, then we brew my hit and well i can't remember if we even ashed it.

    it was just gone, we looked all through the car and all around the outside that night.

    Next day same thing........gotta hate that shit. That all happened around July 16, i have been there since and still havnt found it.
  16. Damn so your friend was all high and you got left with no smoke. what a tragedy

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