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  1. Everybody has a world view, I thought I might share mine.

    Everyone including myself, is in the end for themselves, not in the end in the means for the ends of others.

    This means that I should exist for my own sake, I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

    If I must do business with other it should be as a value exchange, if someone offers something of value, I offer him with something of equal value. Everything has value, everything is a means of exchange. We lose this aspect of humanism when people talk unfairly of selfish acts.

    The act of being selfish is the act that drives all things, even love is a selfish act. Someone sees value in you, you see value in them, and you exchange. Only then can loved be maintained, and only then can love prosper. This love that drives all things, is the same love that brought us from scattered tribes to thriving metropolises.

    Love is a spiritual exchange, and only those who do not understand this lose sight of love, who are also those who cannot grasp it.

    The only way to end poverty is not through giving money to people but to teach people the ability to become productive and to offer a value exchange. Sure you might be able to give a man some fish, but woe to me if you teach him how to fish. Such is the way of life and the pursuit of happiness.

  2. If you mean that we have to compete to be happy, I disagree. If not, you make a lot of sense.
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    Agree on alot of points. This is how, for 99.9% of the world, how it works. If you observe friendships even, people hang out around each other because it suits their perceived identity of themselves, because they feel accepted in it, and very little because they genuinely like the other person, and even there there is selfish trade.

    When a man's consciousness is centered in himself, how can he not be selfish? It is but natural, but not final.

    Love is not a spiritual exchange. Only the so called love people talk about. Even the most "in love" couple that anyone would get all huffy about if you said theyre "not truly in love" are not really in love. Love is not an emotion you feel for something, it is an emotion you can't help feeling around it. Real "love" is not something you possess, but something that possesses you. You don't matter in this situation - it is a very rare occurance. This "love" is not attraction, it is not the lack of attraction. It is not the feeling happy or safe in the other persons presence, nor is it the lack of feeling good if theyre not with you. Its an inexplicable, uncontrollable something rooted in pure awareness that just consumes you. It can have courtship, but has nothing to do with it. People will cry adamantly "you don't know me! This is love!". If it is capable of making you feel down at any time, if there is a need for possession, if there is attachment, it is not love. Love is like the breeze - it comes and goes of its own accord, you cannot possess it, its spirit is far too free.

    Also, along the fabled path of enlightenment, at the "final frontier", when there is no self left, the egoic exchange you talk about ends, and it is all truly an unselfish existence. What else could there be when there are no wants, no needs, no self?
  4. It is our nature to compete, happiness is conjecture, one can never be to happy, if you are happy, why is there a reason to compete?

  5. Because we're deluded into ambition.
  6. “Nothing truly valuable arises from ambition or from a mere sense of duty; it stems rather from love and devotion towards men and towards objective things.”-Albert Einstein, seems Einstein had a similar world view to mine. The truly productive are not happy with what they have now. We have a civil duty to our nature to compete for something greater, There are only two ways to go in life, up or down.

  7. why "compete" at all? you can do anything you like without feeling the need to "compete"...when you compete youre comparing yourself with others and only limiting yourself and adding extra stress.

  8. I think life is a series of "ups" and "downs"
  9. it is our nature.
  10. And you think your opinion that this is our nature is 100% accurate why?

    Perhaps with civilization we have lost our nature to this biting ambition. What then is our real nature?
  11. Where are you going to go up, in relation to what, and where are you going to go down, in relation to where? What use and what matter is going up or down when death and cessation of identity is certain?
  12. Civilization is nature.

    Is this a city or a cell?


    I think you need to redefine your idea of nature to something that is more broad.


    Nature has many faces, but in the same breath, emulate each other in every breath.
  13. It is nature, everything is nature. Nothing can not be nature. Different use of the word nature here. Were talking about nature as a word for innate tendencies, not for what your talking about.

    Civilization is natural, but does the civilization we have created our embody and echo our innate nature?
  14. my point I am driving at is, just as it is a cells function to multiply, our civilizations function is to multiply and become more productive. That is our nature, our inherent function that drives all things.
  15. Says who? Says you? That might be the imperative of all biology - reproduction - productivity i disagree with it is entirely an invented concept, it did not exist even in homo sapiens with tools the way it does now. Are we just biology? IF there is something behind the biology, is that not then the 'true' nature, not just the reduced nature of the biological imperative?

    It IS the inherent function that drives civilization today - where has it brought us and where is it taking us? It is useless, worthless. It was not our nature then, it seems more like a mistake than our nature then doesnt it.
  16. We hold similar views

    However...the more um..spiritual flaky people who channel and talk about ascension and going into the 5th dimension...

    They talk of a transition from a life of "doing" to "being".

    So I'm all for that.
  17. That's why it's hard to trust anyone that doesn't have any personal value from your existance.
  18. Imagine your life in a graph form, there will be periods of time where you are more lively than others. There are times when you are up or you are down, but all in all you are still part of the life graph. It is all in relation to the point in which you were born, that is the point that has started this life graph as you will. Without that point, you would be nothing.

    It does matter because it is the time in which we are alive. Although we will eventually die out just like everyone else, we might as well enjoy this life graph that we are currently living. Death will come when death comes, but for now I am living so I will enjoy living while I can.
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    Those ups and downs are not ups and downs on their own. They are influenced by external human circumstance. Lose your job and your down. Fall in love and your up.

    Get away from all this, meditate till you fall into the core of existence, and you will find neither up nor down with external circumstances- just timeless, wordless, endless, bliss that can never then go for all it needs to exist is...nothing, it is not dependent on ANYTHING.
  20. Because in the end it all really doesn't matter what happens in the external as long as you surrender to everything that happens and accept it as it is. :eek:

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