my workplace is run by dumbasses

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    I just recently started working at a pizzaria near my house that just recently came under new ownership. When we started there were a total of 14 people including the owner. Me and 4 other drivers, some prep work people, cashiers and kitchen workers.

    14 is a pretty good number of people for this place considering Davis has a population of about 60k with about 35k college students. After training and the schedule got going I was putting in 20-30 hours a week without a sweat, going to school full time, etc.

    In the past 2 weeks (we've been open for about a month) the owner goes and hires 4 more people, 2 were transfers that worked at another store, and 2 are new supervisors or managers or something. This comes to 18 people. The new supervisor today (who is probably 21 or 22) tells me he finished the schedule so I go and look at it and what do i shift for 3 hours and one for 4 hours...for damn near every person on the schedule except for him and 2 of his friends.

    This just pisses me off because it takes me from earning 200 a week after tax, to earning 50 a week after tax. 50 dollars a week is a fucking joke, without employee discount I wouldn't even be able to buy 2 of the biggest pizzas we sell. The supervisor said they were going to be cutting back to a core number of workers, of which I'll probably be one (my deliveries are the fastest and I don't have an issue with picking up shifts of people who can't work).

    I completely fail to understand why he would go about hiring 14 people...which is pushing on the border of too many as it is...then hire 4 more...then make cutbacks. It's a waste of my time, and the owners money to have to deal with all the paperwork that goes along with hiring.

    end rant
  2. sucks big time....u should def. give your manager a word about that or tell him that its not worth the job. if youre a good enough worker then he might keep u, if not, then u really dont lose all that much. search for another job before u do this btw.
  3. them are called cutbacks, i worked 38.5 hours one week and 20 the next, be the employee that gets along with all the managers and if they ask you to stay late just say yes it looks so good in there eyes.
  4. bad management.

    Im not sure what you can do about that...unless you have to tell the corporate owners/w/e...
    other then that...get a new job? somewhere that pays better. Btw- is working at a pizza joint pretty chill?
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    well I was looking for work for 13 weeks before I got this job, I'm friendly with the owner, just he has no clue what he's doing right now because this is his first restaraunt venture. I'm fine with cutbacks, going from 25 to 20 or 18 or w/e. But going from 25 to 7 is fucking ridiculous. He said the reason why we were all hired is because "you all WANTED to work" that kinda peppy bullshit. Yeah I want to fucking work, that's why i got the job so give me some hours nugga.

    I generally would always stay late whenever it was needed, unless I was told specifically to clock out. I cover shifts for the people that are going to miss them. I get along well with the owner, but it's not him making the schedule at the moment. If it's a problem after this week, I'm going to bring it up with the fool making the schedules and with the owner, who hired me personally.

    Oh yeah and working at a pizza place is pretty chill though. But 7 hours a week is just a waste of my time.

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