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My Workout Journal

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by RushTheG, Dec 24, 2009.

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    This is mostly for my own records but, I thought why not share it with the rest of you.

    I just started back up on my old program I used to do, I am expecting to gain about 30 lbs in about 3-4 months, even though I will probably gain more since I used it before with amazing results.

    I started back up on Sunday, basically just to get myself back into the body I used to have when I worked out about 2 years earlier.

    12/19/09 - Sunday

    I hit the gym on Sunday and I get on the bench press after doing some stretches, and man, I never felt so new to working out. My bench went from 315 to about 165, and I felt like my muscles were completely new and unused, I got tired way fast, anyways, the whole time in the gym was pretty much a struggle. So then I got home, ate, and went to sleep. Also drank about a gallon of water.

    12/22/09 - Tuesday

    I was slacking on my eating during the week, and didn't get much sleep or excercise at all. I hit the gym after about an hour that I ate a medium sized meal, and I got on the squat bar. My body is not used to squats since I haven't done them before, so I used the 45 pound bar to warm up, then put on some 25's and got to squatting. Man it is not as easy as it sounds, my legs were shaking almost every rep, I used my normal slow 3-1-1 tempo, 3 being the negative, and man, by the time I was parallel to the floor it felt like I couldn't push back up.

    Huge strength loss there, it seems like the legs and back and stabilizer muscles lose their power alot faster then your chest/arms. I got onto the scale, only to see that I lost 2lbs. I couldn't believe it, after finishing my workout, I really decided to commit to this for real, so I am definetely on my way. I got home, ate a meal around 10, then another meal same size, 3 hours later at 1 am, and then I couldn't sleep so I ate again at around 4 am and had a cig before I went to bed.

    Couldn't fall asleep so I stayed up till about 6, I really don't know what's wrong with my sleeping habits, it's been messed up ever since I started going out to clubs and coming back at 4 or 5 in the am. Any tips on how to get back to my normal sleeping cycle would be appreciated, and I am taking a T break so weed is not an option.

    12/23/09 - Now it's Wednesday, I woke up at around 2pm, ate some instant oatmeal cuz I had nothing in my fridge, then I went thru my day. Sore, barely able to walk, but this is what it takes. 6:30 pm, still nothing to eat, I go drive thru McDonald's and get two double cheeseburgers, get home, down em while drinking coke. Man I don't think I'm ever having McDonald's again, by the second burger it got so nasty I almost threw it away.

    Any advice on what I can implement to my diet to keep me getting the right amount of calories, proteins, fats, carbs would be also appreciated. Maybe some homemade recipes or something, I am a terrible cook but I am willing to learn.

    I hope to eat around 2,400 calories, 220 grams protein, 180 grams carbs, and 81g Fats on my TRAINING days. My off days I want to eat about the same amount, minus some protein. It might seem like alot but I know what I am doing, I am just against using supplements so I am hoping to achieve these daily goals naturally.

    I also cannot really even imagine what foods have that much protein and calories, it seems a bit rediculous, but I am following a plan and it got me huge gains in the past, even though I used some supplements back then, (protein, vitamins, n2O, weight gainer) so basically I am a hardgainer with a very fast metabolism.

    12/24/09 - Thursday

    Gym is closed today, and tomorrow, no workouts for me, I will keep eating like a madman though. Dinner time.

    12/26/09 - Saturday

    I am gonna hit the gym despite it being a Saturday and it's supposed to be an off day, I don't wanna completely miss a workout. I am also gonna visit GNC to get Mass XXX. I will be weighing myself in the gym I expected to have gained 5+lbs since Wednesday at the rate I have been eating. I will post back after the workout, but first I am gonna hit the bong and get real relaxed.
  2. Reserved.
  3. I will be updating on all workout days so expect this to get pretty long.
  4. And man it's so nice to see my car this many times in a row. :cool:

    Just got a new 7 series that I am also playing around with, its a bit old but, 5.4L v12 750il, took it to max speed which was about 165 close to 170, but it was off the speedometer by that point so it could have been more. Man I feel stuffed after those double cheeseburgers, another thing is I have to take a dump almost every few hours, its crazy.
  5. Despite my soreness I am planning to go out to a club in a bit, hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight. Tomorrow is bicep day so I will need the rest, I will try to update this after every workout day or so which in my case will be 3 times a week.
  6. Alright, I just stuffed myself with chicken its about 9pm right now, I have never felt so full. I am about to go clubbin tho so I will be back to update later. I hope I don't burn too many calories tonight, but if I do fuck it ;)

    As much as I love sex I think that's how I lost most of my muscle, used to be poundin my ex like 6-7 times a day just non-stop, tell me that's not calorie burning excercising...

    I will probably also be drinking a half gallon of milk to get the rest of my calories if I can't find the food, milk is not bad now, and I am glad I am cutting back on smoking cigs and almost no weed. Stuff is really changing I can really feel it, Day 2 and I am already proud of myself. :hello:
  7. Got home at about 6 am last night, I didn't eat since 9pm before that but still an awesome night! :hello:

    Woke up at 3pm today, just ate some chicken, bicep day today, I've been eating as much as I can so I am expecting some nice gains. This will probably be enough space for all 3-4 months of my workout journal. Also ruined my T break but I kinda had to, def worth it. Also smoked some cigs, but I am gonna work extra hard this week.
  8. Damn, this stuff is crazy strong, Pure OG, took one hit and coughed up a lung. Now I got shortness of breath haha, oh well, I am good at talking to people when I am blazed so let's see how good of a deal I can get at GNC. :)
  9. This thread is a one man show

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