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My work has been sprayed, damnit.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SoFLAfunks, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Ive been a lurker for a couple years and figured might as well sign up. Went to go pickup and as nice as the work looked and smelled, I have a bad feeling it might of been sprayed. No pics yet but what do i look for when bud has been sprayed?

    It is not WET and from appearance you would think it wouldnt be as sticky as it is. It smells strong but its a smell that im not all that comfortable with.

    Havent smoked it yet but probably will just because im curious.

    Let me know opinions and if you have encountered it before
  2. paranoi i think just ask your dealer he wouldnt lie if it was sprayed just be like i dont wanna do crazy shit
  3. its usually just sprayed sometimes to make it weigh more...

    since i dont know that smell..

    describe it :confused:
  4. Well i just took pics but now cant find the card reader which is bullshit. If i had a can of raid i would see what it does to some other bud i have. I dont know what raid smells like but i need to find out.
  5. so should be fine if is sprayed it usually just water to add more weight

  6. not exactly.

    Silicone and other nasty chemicals get added to make it weigh more
  7. This is actually becoming more and more common.

    Often people percieve poorly or uncured plants for sprayed buds
    this will lead to a slew of chemicals remaining on your bud until it is smoked, as opposed to allowing it them to evaporate and breakdown during the cure process.

    however, in many cases (documented here at the city) people in areas from all over the country have been reporting instances where tainted trees have been come across.

    Spraying buds with stuff can add weight
    improve smell (say a pine scent)
    improve outward appearance (make for the appearance of crystals, as sprayed silicon will do)

    WAter curing will remove chemicals from uncured buds

    you can search "Water cure" if you're unfamilliar with the technique

    Water curing will not remove sprayed on chemicals like silicon.

    unfortunately, silicon and simmilar spraying/weight adding agents are impossible to separate from your plant matter

    you just gotta toss that jive if that's what you're looking at.

    i've seen this before

    the silicon buds (are becoming more common in MA beasters...thank god i smoke dank)
    will burst out in a fine powder or dust when snapped or broken,

    this powder will appear much more fine than Trichromes (as it is much finer and lighter)

    good luck
  8. my friend tried to sell me some sprayed mids as blueberry yum yum
    it was so wet and black from the spray
    he told me it was dank and the meaning of dank was dark and wet

    i was like wtf
    didnt buy shit from him probably never will

    that was a dick move on his part
  9. Agreed sprayed beasters in western mass is becoming common. If the weed is broken up a bit in a seperate place it can take most of the silicon out of the bud for when you smoke it later still wouldnt reccomend it though. If the bud seems like it has yellowish keif it has been sprayed

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