my wonderfull new double bubbler!!!!

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  1. so i went into a smoke shop with nothing in mind to buy, just stopped in to meet up with a friend. my bf wanted something, wound up buying a penguin shapped pipe, to funny.

    then there i saw it.. sitting back behind all the others... a double bubbler..

    to my suprize it was only 89$ i asked to see it out of the case and it was a heavy peice, very well made very thick glass!!!!

    i just had to have it... i even had to call my bank to transfer money =X

    so here she is!!!
    attached is my new double bubbler and my older bubbler i got for 75$

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  2. I bought a bubbler similar to the green one on the right for 22 dollars. Mine looks thicker too.

  3. :( yeah you can get them for cheep online . double bubblers for even 30$ online. i admit this smoke shop is expencive, but at one point they wernt alowd to even sell the pipes. its the only shop in town that really sells quality stuff.
  4. nice.. i love smoking a dub bub

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