My woman got flowers from me for valentines day

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by snoopdog6502, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. 5 ounces of White Rhino, its all hers.
    I got a WII U.
    What you get?

  2. I got a divorce.
  3. Sometimes you eat the bar..
    And sometimes the bar eats you...

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  4. Awesome gift idea!
    Its very liberating. You should buy a keg of beer and party.
  6. I got nothing, I got her 100$ n was gunna suprise her with somthing but she got mad so it all got ruined lol

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  7. Mine gotta $hoppin $pree & a big box of $ee's Candy & In return she showed me how wet her pussy was ...
  8. Damn I need to get on the old lady about serving up some pussy.
  9. Diabetes... possibly.
  10. I got nothing but I did buy flowers and sent to my mom along with a card that said "to this planet's most awsome mom" :)
  11. Leave it to a girl to get mad and ruin a day when you give them $100 that same day..

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  12. lol I think she got mad because he gave her $100.
  13. Was $100 not enough?? Bitches...

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  14. I got a new pair of kicks, a toy, and some other little things!
  15. nah she got mad before that lol but ya id say 100 is still small

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  16. whats new -__- bitches.
  17. That couldn't be right... unless we are related and that card went to my mom. fite me irl faget!
    ...haha. Just practicing.
  18. I gave her a milkshake, she gave me sex. All is good!
    Did you grow it? I ask cause I know you grow hella nuggets and i really like the idea of growing weed and giving it as a gift
    yes I grew it, in 3 square feet out of 50+ square feet of grow space. she told me to start growing last summer and now im on track to get my third hydro system up and running and 3rd 1,000w light.
    It was like picking flowers from the front yard in a way. :D

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