My wolfdog hates fireworks

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  1. I honestly have no idea -I would give so much to know though bc she’s extremely unique, never seen a dog like her. She has the appearance of an Irish wolfhound, almost identical. But she’s smaller and has that one blue eye. And so smart and agile.
    She’s actually my sons dog and he had to move back home (was living on the farm he worked) because she allegedly killed the neighbors chihuahua. He had to choose between the dog or the house he shared with coworkers. Needless to say he drove the four hour commute for two years-now he’s got a greenhouse here and his own house. However the girlfriend is jealous of the dog...and Chloe (the dog) absolutely didn’t kill that chihuahua . I have two, chichi and Chong , cheech and Chong , yes lol, and they’re a solid pack of love.
    But I know nothing about Chloe’s history, I’d give so much to see a puppy picture of her. Or know what happened to make her so afraid, so I could fix it
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  3. Holy Moses!! I’d lose my shit lol. I didn’t get mad at Chloe for what she did, I admit I probably should have, but with all that life throws at me these days I have no choice than to pick my battles. I had to laugh. That door is the door to my grow room, she’s spent more time in that room with me than anyone has and will sleep in there when I’m away , even when the doors open. If I tell her ‘mommas going to work guard our plants ‘ she will not leave that room until I get home and tell her to. My son named one of my first autos Chloe Express because the buds were kinda furry , lesson learned and I’m super diligent in keeping the tent zipped when she’s around, but those are her plants too as far as she’s concerned lol. Guess she couldn’t handle the fireworks and storm behind that closed door. Less than 5 minutes. She said ‘eff this I’m making myself a redneck doggy door momma will be so proud!’ and she sure did look proud. My ex husband didn’t like dogs at all and when I finally did get him to agree to one he mistreated him. For no reason. Absolutely horrific. So now that he’s my ex I have 4 dogs and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. I’m not ashamed to say that they are more family than most people. They are indeed so loyal, I don’t know how anyone could mistreat them . I’m glad you didn’t waste that bullet on your pup lol although I think I probably would’ve popped his ass a dozen times and given him the silent treatment for a couple days. That’s sheer destruction what they did to your house!! Was it storming? And how did you know which dog did which crime ?
    Coy that is cool! I’ve never seen one but I know they’re out there. I wonder if they’re able to be domesticated? Now I’m wanting one dammit lol. My oldest dog was a feral pack dog til I lured her into my tent with expensive beef jerky and the smell of Ganja. Ten years later and you’d never know she’s an ex gang member.

    Oh shit it’s storming here ..hard .
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  5. Our dogs are crate trained. They actually love their crates and sometimes go in their crate to nap with the door open. Dogs naturally like to have a "den" that is safe. That's why they like to wedge into corners or burrow on blankets, etc... All that to say, when they get anxiety, and they do from thunderstorms and fireworks, they go to their crates (safe place). Settles them right down.
  6. That’s the shit I’m talking about!! Yes!! Chloe is scary as hell when you hear that low, guttural growl, doesn’t even sound canine, and one look at her awkward ass , ears sticking out with the funny tufts of random hair - poking everywhich way - leaves most people muttering ‘wtF IS that??’ And with her funky hair you can only really see her blue eye, like the other is just gone.
    But she’s unfortunately harmless. Momma still has to keep her shotgun put up in case the intruder has a hamburger up his sleeve.

    Boy at the drive thru today asked ‘what is that??’ A guinea pig . Smh
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  7. My prior dogs were crate lovers. And if I didn’t have a crate available (camping, traveling) I’d make a little fort for them and you’re right-it’s instinctual. Too many people use crates as a form of punishment though and the dogs then learn to hate it. Chloe was one of those dogs, lived her entire first part of her life in a tiny pen all alone far away from her so called family. My big dog had never even been inside a house when I got her so the crate was out of the question. My chihuahuas..crates ! Lol. They love their shared crate but hate being alone
  8. That's too bad that she isn't comfortable in a crate. I don't really have any advice beyond that, but I hope you find a solution and that she starts feeling better.
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  9. Thank you so much! She’s fine as long as she’s by my side. I just hate this whole being an adult and going to work without my dog nonsense lol
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  10. Well last night was a nightmare y’all! I never ended up getting her into to the vet for this problem , my veterinary clinic is known as one of the best around and they don’t take appointments, first come first serve and after 6 hours of waiting I had to give up last week. But I ended up calling my dad and he had the medication that the vet would have prescribed. Called the clinic to double check the safety and got the green light.
    Didn’t do a damn thing.
    Here it is , noon , July 5th, and these maniacs are still blasting this shit. I can’t leave the house without her, cannot leave with her because I worry she’ll hear a boom and take off. Lost a dog once in Tennessee one Fourth of July and had to rent s cabin to stay in while I continued my search. Found her but still not ever taking a chance of losing this pup. She’s literally traumatized right now. Almost like PTSD. Scared of her own shadow
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  12. My dog is scared of fireworks. He’s a pardon russell and medium sized. He shakes so bad And heartbeat is so fast that I fear he might Have a heart attack. He was bad this way since 1 yr old. He is 5 now and was not so bad this year. We are always with him and tell him it is just fireworks. I think with time they get used to it. Any way- I tried the thunder shirt and it seemed to help him with the shaking and heartbeat part any way. You might try it.
  13. How could someone just leave edibles in reach of a dog ? If it was my dog and was done at my house by a friend or something I would have lost my temper big time. Unacceptable
  14. This is why i have a cat. You get a cat high as fuck and there's no problems.
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  15. Wanker
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    I can assure you it's common problem among dog lovers. Sometimes people don't know what they shouldn't do and do hurt their pets. I guess you can find info about wolfdog and even your prolem solution in caninefinds articles. They write about dog care, breeds etc. I really hope your dog will recover soon..

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