My wolfdog hates fireworks

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  1. Anyone have any suggestions? She’s absolutely wrecked with anxiety

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  2. Meds are a no go. Thunder coat, lol not a chance. She’s all over the place.
  3. My suggestion would be to hold her close.
    Or try to get her away from the noise.
    Looks like you need a new door!
  4. She have a special space she likes that comforts her?
  5. Exactly what I needed lol another chore
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  6. Ironically it was behind that door lol problem was I left for three minutes
  7. Drugs from the Vet is always the first choice but in either event just be the Alpha Dog. Be calm and lay with the dog. Our first dog, a pure breed Collie was a total nutcase on the 4th of July and I'd just lay with her.
    As long as I kept a hand on her she was fine.
    Our last was a Choc Lab and would have been the perfect hunting dog as she never flinched at loud bangs.
    Firework shows just bored her. LOL

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  9. i considered medication but she’s in doggy rehab after eating half an edible last week. Absolutely no idea how she got hold of it because I never leave things out -but I found half a cookie someone obviously was careless with and she couldn’t hide the fact she ate it..was very scary til I realized she was just really baked. But usually she’s stuck to my hip during storms of fireworks but evidently she couldn’t make it long enough for me to use the bathroom.
    Now I’m gonna have to install metal kicker panels on all of our doors because she’s so proud of her new doggy door -she smiled when showing it to me

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  10. I’ve never used a muzzle before. If I did I’d have to get one for the other dogs too bc I worry she’d be shamed and take it personally lol
    Might as well get the kids wearing them too ..great idea, thanks !
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  11. My pit is the same way with fireworks/thunder. My vet prescribed some dog 'trazadone' which she described as "being like a glass of wine" to help relax the dog. The thing my dog wants most is just to be sitting on top of someone when shes scared though...

    When I'm with her I dont ever need to give it to her, which is 99% of the time, but if I have to leave during a bad storm or something I'll give her one which has seemed to help her relax faster. May be worth asking a vet you trust about the option.

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  12. I think I’ve decided to try the medication route bc it’s not just a matter of her destroying the house, those are just things, I want her to be content . Poor girl is even terrified of balloons
  13. Train her up if young and able like as many hunters do with their guns ..IMO

    good luck
  14. Thanks. She’s very obedient in all other areas, smartest dog I’ve ever owned . But she’s definitely wired for adventure lol. We rescued her from an abandoned home in the country a couple years ago , I don’t know what happened to make her fear loud noises, or balloons. Hell for the first couple months I wasn’t even positive she was 100% domestic canine lol. Very unique to say the least but she’s without a doubt my very best friend.
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  15. And she’s an excellent guard dog. Her growl is terrifying but she’s the most gentle of all my dogs
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  17. Oh nooo..never thought of that ! Damn ..
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  18. Which filial is the canine?
  19. What breed is she ? Sorry..long day lol
  20. Yeah that too sure!
    I meant F1-5?

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