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    I want to post this because people keep saying there are no physical withdrawals from quitting marijuana, and that's absolute BS. If you think you can explain these away, go ahead. I will admit it's odd some people don't get any negative effects from quitting, but then again I've known someone who was able to indulge in the most addictive illegal drug there is and quit a month later with no problem, when most people say one time can get you hooked.
    I've been not smoking for five days. Of course the first few days I was grumpy, I know that's a mental thing because I'm so used to having it every day. But what about the fact that I have almost no appetite? I've been a big eater all my life, long before I started smoking. My appetite now is much less than it was before I ever smoked. Not to mention the stomach upset. I haven't had a single normal BM since I quit, and the only change to my diet is that I'm eating less.
    But here's the thing I really don't get: the mental symptoms were over two days ago. I don't feel irritable all the time, I don't crave it, I don't even get mad when my boyfriend and roommate smoke in front of me. But the physical withdrawals are still going strong. This morning I laid in bed for a couple hours because I was too nauseous to get up. The nausea has been off and on this whole time.
    Now don't get me wrong, I know it's my own fault, and I imagine it's nowhere near as bad as withdrawals from harder drugs. And it's not like the brain blinks I had when I was withdrawing from an antidepressant years ago.
    But how can people say it's not addictive and can't possibly have withdrawal symptoms? It is a drug. It is a chemical. If you really know, explain to me in scientific terms why someone can be addicted to caffeiene, nicotine, or even alcohol...but not pot. Is that just some ridiculous pro-pot propaganda, as ridiculous as the anti-pot lines are?
    I've also heard people say working out can lessen these effects (because I'm not the only one who has reported definite physical withdrawal symptoms) and I have been, but it's not helping.
    But if pot isn't chemically addictive, how can I be past the mental dependence and still feel like I've had a mild stomach flu for a week?
    Edit: Just now I got up to make myself some toast because it's the only thing I can think of eating without feeling queasy. When I opened the bag, the smell made me gag. The smell of BREAD.
  2. Sometimes I loose control of my anus and anal seepage will come out.

    All kidding aside or not I don't think you will get a sezuire or shaking limbs. Probably just depression and wanting to smoke badly.

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  3. How does depression account for diarrhea? I've had depression for half my life, never had soft stool from it.
    And I don't feel sad/anxious/irritable anymore. Just sick.
  4. Everybody is different. I can go without with zero issues, well, except the things that I smoke for anyway. I've heard a few people describe what you're saying, you're not alone, but plenty of people on this site will tell you it's "reefer madness" hysteria. The gastro-intestinal stuff is pretty common I think but I have to wonder how many people had trouble eating before starting marijuana? I describe marijuana as habit forming but not addictive. I don't know, if I'm in the room with a professional I'll ask them about it.
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  5. Right, that's what I don't get. It's not like I'm a recovering anorexic or anything. The only time in my life I've had decreased appetite that wasn't due to physical sickness was when I had a panic state that lasted two weeks. And since I've been suffering from anxiety since I was 12 (13 years) I've gotten pretty good at recognizing it. I was anxious the first two days after I quit, now my anxiety only follows the nausea, because I happen to have pretty severe emetophobia. Which is one of the reasons I love weed, no pill or natural supplement has ever been able to make me go from laying in bed, trembling in fear and nausea, to singing "Piano Man" within minutes.
  6. It's not addictive in the sense where your body is unable to stimulate the production of certain chemicals (neurotransmitters) without the usage of a certain drug. This is just because weed stimulates a different part of your brain than drugs like nicotine, caffeine, cocaine, etc. But it can feel like it when you lose your appetite after quitting, I watched my buddy go through it and it didn't look fun. Your loss of appetite is due to the mucus lining of your stomach, as well as the pores that secrete this lining being fucked from smoke that gets into your stomach. This is a side effect of quitting cigarettes too. Your appitetite seemed to be fine when you were smoking, but it was coming from the assistence of weed.
  7. Loss of appetite is common for heavy smoke usage, your lack of a proper BM is due to your diet and lack of hunger.

    Though you may notice some "physical" withdrawal symptoms, they will not last long and are nothing like what you would experience from a more body taxing drug.

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  8. I think you just answered your own question by divulging that fact. Now, I'm not trying to condemn or stigmatise depression - but depression is not "normal", y'know, so you can't really compare your experience with marijuana smoking cessation to the experience that a person without any health afflictions has.

    Regardless, best of luck, I hope it gets better for ya. I don't think symptoms could last for too long unless they're psychosomatic.

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  9. i taste/smell weed when its not there any time i go more than 6-10 hours without smoking
  10. I get all itchy if I don't inject weed into my eyelids every 2 hours.
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  11. This reminds me of a weird sensation I experience.

    For many reasons I believe this is due to the appatite stimulating effects of MJ and how I don't fancy eating much when I'm not smashed.

    It might be worth pointing out that I only smoke sativa as a rule because I quickly become dependant on Indica for sleep and that's really annoying if I don't feel like visiting Pluto of an evening, so those are the cannabinoid profiles were looking at ( super lemon haze, durban poison, power plant are my usuals)

    Anyway, I'll be sober and minding my own business, I suddenly get an intense wave of hunger that burns and makes me feel sick.

    The next part is really weird, the feeling moves quickly up my core into my face, this activates my sneezing reflex. I'll either sneeze or it will pass.

    It's a good job I like sneezing.

    Has anyone else had this or am i a freak
  12. Never had any withdrawals when smoking (actually vaping) bud.
    I could go on for 10 days straight then just top for 5 days (just a bit grumpy the first day).

    Tried shatter, got hooked, 2 months straight, now I have stopped for a few days to get my tolerance back down and there are definitely withdrawals:
    Loss of appetite
    Loss of sexual appetite
    Grumpy as fu*k
    Can't stop thinking about it etc

    Thankfully no anal leakage! (Yet! X3)
  13. I have had the same effects from not smoking. After about a week of not smoking I was constant nausea and I hardly ate. Thankfully now it's been better you are just gonna have to pull through good luck.
  14. I use about an ounce of weed a week to make bho and smoke it in a vaporizer or oil bong I have been smoking weed daily for about 10 years and solely bho the past 3 years or so I'm about to go on probation June 15 th and I'll have to stop smoking I notice withdrawal symptoms even if I don't smoke for a few hours loss of appetite definitely but even more annoying is the insomnia I never had a problem eating or sleeping until I started smoking every day and now they have the tests for the k2 etc so I'm really Sol wondering if anyone else experienced insomnia after quitting weed and how long this will last for I would rather not take sleeping pills

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  15. Yeah when I task a holiday I use those herbal sleeping tablets that keep you calm during the day too

    I don't mind loosing a few pounds either

    and often buy a 6 pack for supper ...ugh?

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