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My wife wants a 3 some

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by KrazySmokerHome, May 21, 2009.

  1. #1 KrazySmokerHome, May 21, 2009
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    So life has been going quite downhill lately

    We're in debt substantially
    Our rent check bounced

    So We pulled a Katt Williams move and smoked a huge blunt to the dome and said fuckit

    She went to a gay/bi club with her friends and made out with some chicks
    got some titty action too, sent me some chillun pics
    She got some lap dances and such, brought a girl home to smoke an L with us

    I was chillun with my two homies, my asian stoner friend chiggy, and my minor friend from reno, joey

    we had some robo and smoked some L's

    So we just chillun and my wife comes home, we start talking, and she wants to bring home a girl for real next time

    She smoked some and drank on the purple
    She had me post an ad on Craigslist for a female lol

    Idk... tough times... need something to do right?

    Update, the bank fixed the bouncing of the check and refunded out money, we cool now

  2. Get it Bro, who dont love a good threesome
  3. Lol yeah, might as well have a good time
    Only live once
  4. get tht shit goin on
    watch out on craigslist tho you might have a dude show up to the crib
  5. That'd be some bullshit

    I'd have my chillun friends chat with em lol

  6. yea just to make sure
  7. Didn't they just close the erotic meeting part of craigslist?
  8. erotic services yes

    Like hookers

    This is the NSA section

    Sex for sex, instead of $$$
  9. i cant imagine they had a section entirely for hookers... I thought it was the same thing.
  10. dont use craigslist, who knows what kinda bitch is gunna show up, just have yoru friend go back out to the gay bar, and tell a girl what exactly she wants and bring her home. have a discussion with your wife beforehand about safety though, a lot of club chicks are nasty, dont let your wife eat her out, dont get any oral from her, and use a condum, i know that might be kind of a boring sounding threesome, but it is really the only safe way. and make sure you pay the most attention to your wife, she should ride you first and last, and dont be afraid to piss off the other girl to make your wife feal more appreciated.

    ya i know i probably just made it sound boring and dull, but you will thnak me later!!
  11. I forgot to put I've had positive experiences in the past (With Threesomes)

    But yeah the craigslist thing is pretty whack

    All we've gotten is stuff from bots, guys, and 40 year old fat hick ladies (sorry, thats not our type)

    I'm not expecting much out of it

    We have no idea when her friends want to go clubbing again, otherwise, I'm sure it would just be boring.

    And yes, safety is always a must
  12. So Ok, We made an account on Adult Friend Finder, waiting for the payment to clear.

    A few ladies got in touch with us, and one even came over to chill, smoke a blunt and such.

    She was cool, but looked 15 (Don't worry, we didn't believe her either, seen her ID)
    We exchanged pics and such and talked over the phone via texting before she just couldn't wait to come over.

    So she said she's a virgin (Wow really? I hope so)
    And that she's never been drunk, but loved to smoke weed (She did)
    She seems overall an honest young girl, who has some self esteem issues and body issues (Thinks shes fat)

    Then, this other chick exchanged pictures and such but thats about it.
  13. a threesome is always good for your relationship....... not.

    and your rent check just bounced, yet you go an pay for an account on adultfriendfinder...?
  14. seriously, you're "substantially" in debt but you pay for an account on AFF??

  15. ^^

    FMF threesomes fuckin ROCK
  16. LOL Chill out, we got the bank fixed, everything is fine now....
  17. I say do it! My girl won't do it =/

    but if you never post pics, it never happened haha.

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