My wife lets me play with her boobs all the time

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Fredbear, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Not a problem at all But when i say hey! you know you can grab my penis anytime you want she thinks its dirty and disgusting.

    Its clean I wash it everyday wear fresh underware and all

    what can i do to convince her its not a diease infested wiener
  2. walk around naked

    also, congrats bro
  3. my gf used to be ok with it...
    now she gets mad if I go straight for there...:(
  4. Cover it with cash and promises of being skinny
  5. Same with my girl! But recently she's been touching/grabbing it a lot. Are you small big or average? I've gotten my flaccid hang quite a bit bigger the past few months. And boy....has that turned her on more.
  6. You married someone who thinks your penis is gross? Good luck with that...
  7. Only one solution Fredbear, tomahawk upside the head
  8. Ahhhahahahaha! This cracked me up!
  9. has she even seen your dick before? why would you marry someone who doesn't want to see your penis?
  10. yeah she saw it likes to look at it just doesnt want to touch it...she thinks its gross. Everytime she does touch it shell go and wash her hands like there was dog poop on it.

    During sex however no probs just in passing is where she wont toch it

    like iam saying I. mess around with her all the time in passing grab her and rub her tits she loves it.

    why cant i get the same

    a little equality is what I want

    I told her this

    she said yeah right *Nasty!
    thats what she said
  11. uhhhh lol you're fucked
  12. be more open and honest with her?
  13. Ask if you could grab her penis instead
  14. The most logical response in the whole thread.

    Op, that sucks ass. Just get hard, whip it out and put her hands on it. Get her to jerk you off and then put it in her face.
  15. i wish i could grab my boyfriend's penis anytime i wanted lol
  16. slap her in the face with it once an I guarantee u will never have this problem again :D
  17. I wish I had a husband who would let me grope him whenever I wanted.
  18. I like to randomly play with my bfs dick and balls. And I've talked to my friends about it and they like to do the same thing. I don't understand how ops wife thinks its gross.

  19. There is nothing hotter than knowing that it's mine. That I can have it whenever I want it. :confused_2: WTF OP's wife. Live it up!

  20. My thoughts exactly. She REALLY needs to loosen up.

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