My Wife Is A Pothead

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Palehorse22, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. I was sitting in a booth at Pizza Hut with the store manager, a friend of mine. The door opens and in walks this huge set of tits with this beautiful girl attached to them. She and her friend walked up to the counter. I told my friend to check her out. Then I realized she was getting an application. I told John, my friend, that he had to hire her because I wanted to date her. He did. It took me a month to get her to go out with me. Once she did we fell in love. (I was in love when she walked through that door!) So we were talking marriage but I had a problem. She did not know that I smoked Pot. I did not think it would be fair to not tell her until after we were married so I told her. We were "parking". I told her that I had something to tell her and that I hoped she would understand. At that point I pulled out this huge joint. I said, "I smoke Marijuana. I really love to smoke a matter of fact, I'm gonna smoke some now". Her chin dropped and after a second she said..."Are you a pothead"? I said , "yes I am".She sat there while i took a few hits. Then she said she wanted to try it. I told her that I did not tell her to get her to smoke. I just wanted to tell her that I Did. She I let her hit it...some good Cedar....She hit it 3 times...she was blistered. We will be Married 27 years this July 2nd. the only problem I have had is that ever since she tried it....SHE WON'T LEAVE MY STASH ALONE..LOL
  2. dude +rep for that line "I smoke Marijuana. I really love to smoke a matter of fact, I'm gonna smoke some now"

    you sound just like my best friend man

    pizza hut has been open for 27 years man, fuck

    but good story
  3. LOL....
    Awwww thats such a nice story.. :) She found 2 loves through you...hehe love for you and love for MJ.. I think u did her a pretty big favour there dude ;)
  4. Im confused, you 2 are thinking about getting married and are at pizza hut, then all of a sudden it is 27 years later?? sounds like star trek or something
  5. dude that is awesome. I really hope I am lucky enough to convert my wife if she is straight edge. I really want to sit back and toke bowls with the wifey after a long day of work +rep for the lucky lifestyle you live
  6. It's Called A Time Warp Evilpig
  7. Sorry, I am a little out of it :(
  8. haha going in my signature. NOW.
  9. Glad You Liked The Story.
  10. Congrats on 27 years. I think if everyone was allowed to smoke a j when they got home from work every other night that more marriages would stay together because they had a stress reliever.

  11. as long as she's not fat... its all good, i HATE fat pothead women...

    i mean if your smoking MY STASH, you better be fucking hott
  12. I'm sure its all good.
  13. She is beautiful....5' 10' and she still weighs 120 lbs after 3 kids. Still my sweetheart after all these years.
  14. you lucky bastard...

    im married to a 200 pound woman who simply WILL NOT stop eating and smoking marijauna
  15. hahah. So I was about to say "dude I wouldn't be thinking about marrying a girl that didn't even know I smoke pot" but you've been married for 27 years so I guess that's straight.

    good story.
  16. haha, nice story man.

    congrats on the 27 years of marriage. :)
  17. Thanks....she smacked me tonight as we sat here smokin' and I showed her this am a Lucky Bastard
  18. Man I wish my girl was as cool as yours....mine is completely close-minded and hates ALL drugs.
  19. Im gunna write that down, and say it every chance i get.
  20. it was a nice happily ever after.

    my girlfriend just discovered how awesome smoking is after riding my ass about it for the first 7 months of our relationship. im glad shes seen the light

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