My whole town has gone underground

Discussion in 'General' started by Pebbles314, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Well, seeing as how I'm sure no one else here is from my tiny little town, I thought I'd tell you guys about how much it sucks to live here right now. I know it sounds dull, but its kind of an interesting/unnerving story

    Whether its true or not, I'm not sure, but everyone (the potheads) is convinced that feds are in town right now. Everyone is really paranoid because our town is so full of weed that its insane. So rumour is that feds have come in to try to clean out Dallas and try to stop all the dealing and drug trafficking going on.

    Now, when i first started smoking, i went through one of my friends who got it from his two friends who were dealing weed they got from Salem. Well they got involved in some huge drama involving a huge fight and a shooting. Luckily, no one was hurt badly, but someone's car did get shot a few times. So they got too much police attention and had to stop dealing. So i started going through one of my newer friends because he was the only one i could easily get good bud from pretty much anytime i wanted it, Well his guy got caught and arrested not that long ago, which also cut off another connection who went through him in bulk and sold on the side. So now pretty much everyone who can get it has gone silent. Seriously it takes hours to find anyone who could possibly find even a small amount. Everyone is either stopping, getting caught, or just getting cold feet and being very quiet. Whether or not feds are in town its very hard to find anything now, which is strange because I'm so used to this town being packed to the top with pot and with smokers. It's strange to think of how barren and threatning this town became so fast.

    Anyone ever had that happen? Its no fun when your dealer gets caught. The worst part was going to my friends and asking if they could help, only to find that everyone is asking everyone else the same question and no one has an answer.... Sad day in Dallas,
  2. Sounds like it's time to start a closet grow. If you do, tell nobody about it.
  3. If i had enough money I'd start growing asap, but i have found that i am horrible at saving...
  4. You can do it on the cheap really if you use soil and CFL's for lighting. Under $200 for sure if not even cheaper if you go really ghetto.
  5. Well as soon as i do get some money I'd need to work on finding a place to do it, seeing as i dont really have a safe grow spot right now
  6. Go outside(preferrably during daytime), look up. Now tell me what you see...

    That's right the SUN. Best damn light in the world. Now all you need is a spot to grow it(start looking, they're EVERYWHERE) and you're golden.

    Also grow in many different spots at once so you're not putting all your eggs in one basket.
  7. Only one problem, around here, you look up and maybe once or twice every two weeks can you see sun. Oregon is famous for rain, not sun. Plus we have frost nearly every night and it comes close to snowing every other week. If i were to do that it'd have to wait till summer. Though finding a spot should be no problem around here, I'll have to start looking when the rain slows down a little
  8. Okay, well, there have been people on cannabis sites(with pictures for proof), that proved dank can be grown in oregon. Man, if you look in the right spots and do it right you could have pounds by the end of next season. Your problem will be not having weed, but harvesting and being able to hide all the bud! Imagine that..*gets in car and drives to home depot for supplies*

    It's play time. Now's the time to learn my friend. Or you'll be kicking yourself and drooling over my pics by around October ;)

    Once you grow, you always grow ;) Or at least always want to lol
  9. Do you live in Dallas or Oregon, I'm so confused.
  10. Dallas OR, is located a little bit south of portland.


    Check there periodically, they will have petitions available for download soon enough. Just telling you this since you live in Oregon and there is a chance cannabis will be legal with you and your fellow Oregonian help by 2010.
  12. I doubt the feds are in town. I think they knew you knew the guy who got busted,and they probably think you snitched. Or your towns tweakin, cuz I doubt your whole owns gonna be dry, for every one dealer that gets busted 2 more take their place.
  13. Yea smokentoke Is right you need to met new People. Not a bunch of friends that get busted all at once LOL....And the feds come on Ya i think the town is tweakin
  14. Wouldnt surprise me, this town goes crazy with paranoia. I think growing is the way to go though, I'll probably spend my day looking up outdoor growing for cold weather, that should help a lot
  15. i've had that happen. it was like that around here 9 months or so ago, but now its like flooded with weed. i can get oz of mids for $65-125 when its usually $140-180, crazy.

  16. Yeah there was this kat from oregon on the famous back in the day. Every year he had a carefully planned grow-op and yielded lbs of dank(well it looked dank :)). As far as I know he didn't do anything special reguarding(sp?) the cold weather. Remember, Bud is a weed, now as long as your not chillin in like say, north washington, canada or alaska for example, it will try its hardest to grow.

    The first(and only) time I grew some weed(indoors) I fucked up more times than I can count. Too much nutrients, too much water, light too far, etc.... And you know what? It still came out dank. Don't worry, Mary sweet mother fuckin' Jane will do most of the work.:smoke:
  17. Well hopefully my luck with plants changes this time. I usually am horrible with plants and end up killing anything that i actually try to keep alive. But this time at least I'll have one or two people helping out so it should help a little bit. All i have to do is wait for it to stop frosting over at night
  18. If you wait a little later in the season to put seedlings out they won't grow as tall. Combined with topping them and LST you can keep them low and stealthy.
  19. You're whole problem is "trying to keep them alive". Pardon my french but, aside from watering them and giving nutrients, leave them the fuck alone. They don't need your help. They didn't need it for millions of years and nothing has changed.
  20. Sounds like you hit a dry spell, my town back home is also like this. My guess it that it's because of the recession, if your town is looking for money, they would probably try to get a hold of as much money as they can. So, what's one way to get money and increase funding for the police?
    Take it out of the black market.
    Anyways, since it's a small town, they know who they're looking for, they know who's got money for ounces.
    My guess is that it's going to be like this for a few more months or so. Weed will start to come back into town, build up a nice sum of money, then they can crack down again. Hence why it's not the feds and just the police.
    I could be wrong, and it's probably just paranoia speaking.
    But that's what it's like in my town they need the money. (And yeah. right now they are cracking down too.)

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