My whole glass collection, all cleaned [toro, roor, illadelph, alex k, royal, KC]

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    This is my collection as of 2/15/09
  2. beautiful collection. very nice glass. how much did that illadelph cost you? i'm looking into buying one similar to yours... how do you like it?
  3. Very nice collection you got goin man. The new Toro fits in quite well!
  4. Damn that is nice man! Lets be friends? haha smoke up man
  5. Sick collection man. :smoke::smoke: I love roar bongs, a buddy of mine owns a couple.

    Gimme a shout I may be interested in that mini :)

    ++ rep for pics

    Juuust blaaazzee :smoke:

  6. Besides the thin base i love it. I think it cost me $340? It's not a regular strait tube though, its a 65x5 neck as opposed to your average 50x5. Basically it can fill in more smoke.

    Thanks dude, it's my personal favorite of the group :D
  7. I thought you won that illy in a football game bet with a friend??

  8. nahh, i lost that bet, i ended up buying one just like his :D. I really wanted a tube that i could fill in with a shit load of ice. and this does the job :D
  9. nice collection. What state are ya in? Wouldn't mind adding that zumini with my mini perc..
  10. I am from New York.
  11. That illadelph is the sex. The Illadelph slides have a few holes instead of one right?

  12. it has 6 slits, and one hole on the bottom.
  13. Do you have a particular buyer lined up, or do you just not have the same need for the roor anymore? I'd be intrested.*

    *assuming, that for our mutual protection, it's sparkly clean at the time of transfer.
  14. i dig your set up man if only you had one more larger bong it would be just like those cell phone commercials:smoke:( im a little reefed)
  15. Nice jealous :D
  16. nice collection fivetoone. love the alex k and new toro
  17. lookin very sick man

    I really like the toro

    I think a Toro will be my next piece.

    Or a heady bub
  18. Damn, man. Quite the family. Love the slides.

  19. Thanks dude.

    You wont regret a good toro.

    Thanks dude, I had another alex K slide but it broke then got lost in the mail, but i have this slide on it's way to me.... i can't wait.....


  20. That's really sick... post some better pics when you get it!

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