My white widows autos to small?

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  1. Hey guys I need some help/tips for my growing since my 2 plants looks small compares to others same age

    They are almost 6 weeks old and im using 400w hps 27-29 degrees celsius in the tent

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  2. Not really sure why, but looks like your plant went into flower LONG before it was time. That's why I don't like auto strains. They're easily stressed and sometimes end up like this. The best you can do for this plant is to bring your light down to it as close as possible and keep it there until it finishes out. But the plant itself is not going to get much larger at all. Once they start budding, you don't get a whole lot of overall growth on a plant. It's working on plumping up and finishing out the buds for the majority of time during the flower cycle. Toss the autos and get yourself some normal photo strain seeds. You need to do your pruning and getting size on your plant during the veg cycle. Once you've grown it large enough to flower, then finish it off. One more very important thing....light is everything with the indoor grow. The better wattage/quality of light each plant gets during it's life, but most especially during flower, the better plant and weight at harvest you get. But the auto strains take the grower out of the equation for the most part since their time line is controlled by genetics instead of the desires of the grower. You'll get a few grams from this plant in the end, but that's going to be about it. Again...toss the autos until you learn how to grow the photo strains. Then if you want to give them a try, have at it. But they're not the type seed I would start a new grower out on simply because of things like this. You're far from the first I've seen who had an auto plant go into flower way before it was time. Sorry. TWW
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