My white widow 600 watt hps grow

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    Hi there -  after many years in shut down  mode ive gained the confidence to setup shop again -
    The veg room is based in a 50 cm deep 75 cm wide 160 high grow tent - Ive also a 2*2*2 waiting for flowering with the same setup that's waiting to be built, and it took me nearly 4 weeks toiron  out all the errors etc etc in this system
    First it was leaky plumbing because i decide to use 5 year old plumbing. Then i had the shock of the strains clones going from an outdoor to an indoor hydro . i had root rot problems that was solvedf by changing  the system from top feed only to recirculating . Then heat then not enough heat lol.... but finally im getting half to full inch growth per day
    A simple top halo ring / hybrid dwc setup that's working wonders , nutrient solution is pumped in from the tank to the plant tub where it fills to just before the internal bucket holding the grow media (clay balls) and returns to the tank. Also every 4 hours its pumped imto the hydro halos and fed from top - was overwatering ast first and had droopy leaves - i was feeding onve every 45 mins and thats worked in other systems, like the water farm .. oh well i guess thats what they mean by dialing in a system each one has iys own lil nuances ..
    Each bucket has an airstone, the main tank has an airstone and the backup fresh water has an airstone
    The main tank is hooked via a float valve to a backup water bucket that retops the water over the ten day dump cycle I use.
    Using advanced nutes Sensi grow - no fussing with PH level ever
    also using Nitrozyme .
    Using a 600 watt HPS in a 6 inch cool tube with two 250 cfm fans attached inline one inside ient on on top - vents tent of heat in less than 2 mins - waiting on hps to mh conversion globe
    Permanent fresh air intake from outside
    Out take fans are hooked to an thermal controller that only comes on when it gets over 26 degrees - plants have grown dramatically since installing as its winter here and it was to cold in the room
    Im about to add photos ill brb


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    ! thanks
  3. it doesn't t look like much but its getting the job done - any questions please feel free to ask - its interesting to note the diff between the two brand new thermos - anyways - about 4 more weeks veg . and then over to flower
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    Oh btw air temp in tent is 26.8 degrees cel ( well tahts when exhaust fans kick in) and water temp is 20 degrees humidity is 40%
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    Some more pics this time with a better camera - Umm MODS is this in the correct area ???
    Maybe it should be in grow blog as it will get updated regularly

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  6. im a little worried the ww is an greenish yellow and not dark green like it wAS  outside over summer. Im using Advanced Nute Sensi Grow at recommended dosage of 160 ml for 40 L tank. This week im not putting in the root repair tonic (growhard FU63 this week either - lets see what happens - Im getting close to a inch growth per day on the plant so its pretty happy . Is white widow naturally more light green than dark ? 
  7. Needs nitrogen looks like shit why is it growing all weird do you have those branches tied down like that?
  8. I'm not an expert, but are you using RO water, if so might need some cal/mag. I use advanced nutes sensi A and B. always check the ph. You should be checking it regularly. It will fluctuate until the plant settles in. Also there are charts that show which nutes are best absorbed and which ones are locked out at various ph's. I would check this out. I know in hydro in veg you want to be around 5.7 or 5.8, this is key for the absorption of nutes needed during veg. When you go into flower alot of experianced growers will let the ph raise slightly to get best absorption of nutes needed during flower. Find the chart I mentioned above, and you will see what I'm talking about, if you don't already know.

    The girl on the left is looking healthy, is she the white widow? I have ten white widow seeds this why I'm checking out your grow. I think I'll tag along. I haven't started my WW's yet because I have a mini split AC that has to be installed first. Last two grows came out good but temps were a little high.
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    Upped the nutrients a bit and they are loving it .

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  10. but the yellow tips are telling me I might have to backit off a little
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    another 5 days later
    about to switch over to 12/12 cycle - cant wait !
    I also hung an extra 400 watt MH today
    making this a 1000 watt grow- plz note

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  12. She's looking nice man (the one on the left. I would Tye the outside branches outwards I little. You have alot of good tops in the center that want more light. Can't wait to see what white widow can do. I'm interested to see how much they stretch.
  13. Actually, the outside arms look good I would tye down the main kola more and a couple of the other big ones in the center. She looks great though.
  14. Love it bro o got some wids going too!
    When they wake up they will be 3 weeks in veg.
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  15. Hey BD, you should start a journal. People will help you if they see any problems + it's just cool to be able to follow the grow. I have ten white widow seeds I'm going to crack soon, so it would be cool for me to know what little things ww's need from an actual grow. Your girls look like they are on their way. Please start your journal so we can follow you nute sch and any details that would be important for this strain. There's guys on here pulling 18 oz per plant by following some simple rules.

    I don't mean to be suggesting that you don't know what your doing, it would Help you for future grows not to mention me. ;-)
  16. Just transfered then to a much biiger tent - this one is 1.2m wide*1.2m deep*2.0 meters high, pleanty of room for lots of flowers and I hung an extra 400 watt mh so im going to beg for another 3- 4 weeks now and get some real MONSTERS - ill get photos online in the mornin
    ho do I make a blog on here ??
  17. Your going to overgrown your space. They will double in size on e you flip. My suggestion is to flip to 12/12 yesterday, or get a bigger tent!
  18. Ya I have one, im just starting week 6 of veg the ladies r looking great, check it out bro

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  19. they're looking good mate, the little one is overdosed a bit though. do you have a nutrient strength meter like an EC or a PPM meter? using this will tell you what strength your plants require so you can match it
  20. OK time for a 2 part update week 2.3 and week 3 - im so impressed with ADVANCED NUTREINTS - ive never seen so many bud sites and so developed at this early stage - Changed over from MH to HPS and its now 1000 watts - one 400 watt and one 600 watt
    The mix I use in flower is this - 120 ml Sensi Bloom A 120 Ml seni bloom b 60 ml Bud factor x 60 ml Bid bud - this is based around my 30 litre ressy
    OK on with the show

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