My White Rhino 1 Gallon Grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SmokeE bear, May 22, 2013.

  1. Wow.. That's beautiful. Awesome job... I hope to have the same or better results.
  2. Hey Gold was that a drip table or a flood table or did you just top feed.....that's a great root ball.
  3. I'm sorry and sad to inform everyone that this grow was a fail. I had to trash 3 of my lady's today... An auto bubbleicious and my white widow and white rhino. Remember the land lord incident.... Well I Brang them somewhere I wasn't able to keep a daily eye on them. Sorry everyone following this topic. When I'm for sure ready to try again I'll be posting it here.

  4. dang man, that really stinks....
    good luck on future endeavors!
  5. Thanks dude. its been a little and I forgot to show you guys but 1 of my plants did survive and she has just been harvested. I'm going to be making cannabutter with my trim. Here's some pictures of her today before I cut her down. 
    IMG_2005 (480x640).jpg IMG_2006 (480x640).jpg   IMG_2004 (480x640).jpg
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  6. I'm gutted for you mate, good to see you still had the one though
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  8. you dont really want to pack the soil down really hard.
  9. That's awesome....way cheaper than what that shop will sell you......just goes to show its not about the money.
  10. thanks dude
  11. nice grow man!!!
    personally i would of let them grow a few more weeks if possible
    awesome job!
  12. I totally should have waited but lesson learned. I used it to make bho last night

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