my White Castle excursion

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  1. i live in the suburbs and its mad boaring. me and my two friends smoke a bowl and then ask ouselves what to do. we always see these sonic commercials but have never seen a sonic. so we make up our mind that we were gonna take my friends two week old car on a road trip. i live in buffalo and it said that the nearest sonic was 6.5 hrs away. fuck that. we decide if were gonna drive that long we might as well have white castle. so we look it up and find out that its only3.5 hrs away. 357 miles. we pick up a little more than a slice and start to drive. many bowls and blunts later we arrive in the ghetto of cleveland. two food stamp stores within a block of eachother. the only other white people we saw was a group of kids that we from around our area.( we had n idea who they were tho). three of us together got 40 burgers and 8 med fries. and of course a drink. we didnt come close to eating them all but by the time we got back they were gone. i dont know if anyone has ever been to white castle but the burgers are decievingly small. i thought i gould knock off 15 easily but i only got down 10. well thats my story of how i turned a boring day into a bomb trip.

    well anyone feel free to post your road trips or whatever.
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    never had enough money just to go get an assload of food like that, we usually pitch in for a large pizza with everything and free-for-all it.

    I think the best , yes BEST burgers are the crystal ones mhmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!
  3. White Castle is the best when your high but that drive had to take you guys at least 4 hours thats pretty crazy.
  4. my white castle is like 5 minutes away so i dont have any white castle stories, but i have driven over an hour to get me some Chik Fil A that is the fucking shit and i would walk for hours to have even sandwhich from that fucking place oh man i got drool on the keyboard
  5. lol 357 miles in 3.5 hours??? unless u did 100mph the ENTIRE time thats impossible... going 60mph it would take you 6 hours.... you telling me you almost did 120 mph?

  6. hahahah lmaooo
  7. Sounds like a certain movie about a trip to White Castle, except less interesting.
  8. good thing you didnt go to sonic, not rly worth it

  9. +1 i was going to say that as well.

    and why the fuck is there no sonic or white castle in buffalo? is there some sort of law against it?

    does sonic just throw out money for advertising in places that they know dont have customers? what the fuck

    i think whoever starts the first white castle franchise in buffalo will be very rich
  10. Yea, I've seen Sonic commercials for years now, and I only recently saw the location of one within a two hundred mile radius.

    But it's still under construction.
  11. i have never been to sonic but i will tell you that every time my homies and i are super baked, just chillin on the couch, we are always so tempted by their ridiculous commercials. it always looks like the best meal i have ever even seen and is just that much better because i cannot have it. i have no idea where the closest sonic is to me, but a sonic mish might be in order real soon. i have a feeling that if i try it, then my whole perfect image will be destroyed. same thing with roscoe's chicken and waffles. i have probably hyped it up waaay too much over the years.

    my favorite spots are:

    -any hole in the wall Mexican food place (juanita's, jorge's, roberto's, kotija's, bety's taco shop, +rep to anyone who knows what's up on this has THE best mexi food... no doubt)

    -Panda Express


    -in n out

    -anywhere else that is

    great story by the way. gotta love the road trip there. so much fun

  12. it may have been more towards the 4 4.5 hour mark but when ur sitting in a car time is so distorted.
  13. !!!! oh yeah I could eat the fuck out of a Chick Fil A #1 with waffle fries and a large cherry coke right now.
  14. hahah i think everytime im at chik fil a i spend at least 20$

    2 sandwhiches one large fry one large drink
    2 12 peice nuggets

    omgggg im gonna bust in my pants just thinking about it hahaha
  15. haha ya it probally wouldnt have made a great movie, we didnt ride any chetas, get arrested, but we made it faster than them.

  16. is this place worth hittin up cause were lookin to take another road trip soon?
  17. i hate it, I've never been to sonic or whitecastle. I plan on it soon, maybe saturday, sounds like an idea.
  18. It was probably 357 miles round trip, that means they averaged a little less than 60

  19. this place... its like thee best chicken ull ever eat in ur entire life. i shit u not like the food is AMAZING everything about it idk it might be cause its cooked in peanut oil but honestly.... i could go there with a full stomach and still spend all the money in my wallet cause its fucking addictive.... definitely get the original sandwhich when u go thats the best thing on the menu

    so yeah dude this place is compleltly worth going on a road trip for and definitely smoke a blunt on the way cause ur gonna wanna pack as much shit in ur stomach as u can

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