My Whip (Tell me what you think)

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  1. Since I'm new here I thought I'd share my pride a joy with you all.

    1997 Ford F-250 4x4 diesel.

    I bought this truck 2 years ago when I was 17. I put her threw hell and back, yet she still starts up every morning and isn''t afraid to hit any mud hole :D

    Here's when I first got her:


    First time I got her stuck:


    Then after owning this truck for over a year I decided to mix things up:

    I decided to ditch the chrome and go flat black:


    Then I got bigger/wider tires. The only problem is I need wheel spacers for the front, so for now I have 285's on the fronts, and 33" 12.5" wide tires on the rears:


    And heres a snap shot of her doing what she does best:


    And one of the greatest moments with this truck:


    I also have 2 12" subs with a 1200 watt amp powering it, and pioneer speakers in the door panels. I'll get pics eventually.

    But for the time being any thoughts/comments? I'm always looking for new ideas on what to do with this truck.
  2. I was lie "Mmmmmmm not bad" at first and then I saw like the last line "Subs?!?!" haha that makes it awesome. Nice whip bro. Im saving up for a system in my whip soon. Plan on going on Craigslist for one though haha.
  3. Luckily for me, my best friend managed to blow the engine on his car. So in return for smoking him up everyday in summer he gave me his subs. Believe me, you get a ton of looks (especially the ladies) when I roll up to a red light and the trucks covered in mud and subs are blaring :D
  4. She ain't the prettiest girl at the ball, but she'll turn some heads (usually the necks of other rednecks). ;)
  5. theres a guy down my street with one of these. same model 4x4. its white though. nice truck. although something rattles every time he hits a bump in the road. so annoying when he passes.
  6. this is not a whip. i expected a hoop ride. not True Life: Im a farmer. LOL.
  7. Fuck yea, diesels rule
  8. I love that, minus the mud. I HATE having my truck covered in mud, its a bitch to get off and it always falls off and makes me think I ran over something.

    I have an 04 Dodge Ram 2500, seriously I love having a diesel truck, I would so buy a TDI VW. I love torque, and the look on people's faces when a huge truck beat them down an on ramp
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    I would guess those looks are more incredulous than appreciative. lol
  10. Yeah OP you still need to post your system pics! Trying to peep it brother.
  11. Love it. I drive a bronco, so im all about the fords. im 19 too haha
  12. mmmmmm she's sexy
  13. Looks like a truck to me, a whip is something to do with spanking or horse racing....

  14. haha CRAIGslist.

    aint that some shit :smoke:
  15. This is my whip. :cool:
  16. this is my boy
    I love the turbo :]

  17. seems like a sturdy truck :)
    i want a truck so bad
  18. op, dont engage 4WD with different size tires on it. you will destroy your drivetrain.

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