My Wekkend + Dog Attack

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronic420, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. Well heres my two weekends in a row.

    last weekend

    friday saw Matrix revolutions "Kick ass movie i loved it"

    Saturday got free dub smoked got high

    Sunday keep tokin all day

    This weekend *This is where it gets good*

    Friday Got to ride my brothers go-kart

    Saturday got my half oz finally and and Night when we were so Fucked up out on my brothers barge he built laying down *sense some ass hole stole the seats we got them back but he hasent put them back on yet* but we were just laying there so stoned so relaxed then as we were looking up at the dark sky with stars everywhere... a shooting star went by it streaked across the sky bright blue and white it was so kool one of the koolest things ive ever seen.

    Next day have a cook out with my parents we are all eating oysters *mmmm* and i ofcourse get high again.

    That Night *heres the bad part* it was about say 3 in the morning i think and i was laying down and my rottwieler was laying next to me and i got just a little too close to her face and she freaked out and bit me her bottem k-nein *sp* went threw the bottom of my lip *Almost* it looked like a big gash in my lip dident hurt to bad sense i was wasted got 2 24 oz bottles then my cuzzin snuck me some shots that morning like 5 or so i was fugged up and it dident hurt that bad was kinda numb.

    *today* woke up 4 in the afternoon no hangover *thank god* and my lip has healed up pretty good its still a huge gash in my lip and some scrapes on my face but it will heal up good soon hopefully . I will probly have a scare from it right on my bottom lip.
  2. Does'nt anybody love me! lol *spam is healthy*
  3. ow.. that musta sucked... ah well... hope ya heal soon.
  4. Well no she is not trained very well shes more of a lazy fat dog but i made it clear to her to never bite me again but yea i still had a good weekend.

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