my weenie dog commited suicide

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mr.danky, May 25, 2010.

  1. :(:(:(:(
    Im totally blown away right now.
  2. You could explain a little better, but that sounds sad, and I'm sorry! :( ....

  3. my weenie dog jumped thru the back of my chair, her legs got stuck and i found her on the floor behind my chair.
  4. She tricked you with the ole hot dog gag.

  5. So you're pretty baked right now.

  6. Agreed:smoke:
  7. his legs got caught so he died?

    not true story.
  8. pictures...

    Im sorry for being a creep...cant help it:D

    Im sorry for your lose
  9. I'm not even a dick're either a troll, or really dumb. Sorry! :D
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  11. how did he die from his feet getting caught in the chair? did his legs rip off or something?
  12. poor little dude
  13. This thread is hilarious ahahahaha

    EDIT: If in fact the dog didn't die that is.
  14. Thats crazy man but sorry ta hear that. =(
  15. The weenie dog, if not dead, seeks enlightenment above the abyss


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