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    I have made a little name for myself on youtube, I have a lot of subscribers, atleast I think so. I am trying to get more of a fan base and thought you guys would be interested in watching some videos from a fellow GC member and watch other videos as well.

    I have videos ranging from:
    How to roll a blunt with a table or without a table
    How to roll a joint
    How to make a grav bong
    How to Smoke Circles
    How to French Inhale

    Basically I just want some more viewers and maybe be able to entertain some of you guys.

    So check some of my videos out. I am starting up a new thing called "The Straight Dope" which is basically about every week I make a video of me stoned talking about god knows what.

    I ALSO need help with something VERY soon :)

    U can follow me on twitter @kanyeknievel


    And my youtube is
    Link removed per request. -JD

    I have about 50 videos now, all of them are pretty enteraining i think, and if ur high even mroe entertaining. so thanks for reading and watching :)
  2. how to roll a table with or without a table?


  3. u mean how to roll a blunt without a table? lol

    I have a video showing how, i didnt do so great of a job in it unfortunatley but i didnt want to take the time to do another video and i used guts cuz i wasnt smoking at the time of that video so it was harder...

    [ame=]‪How To Roll A Perfect Blunt (No Table)‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  4. ok I'll sub you just because your a youtuber on GC.

  5. :D thanks!
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    your video is entitled 'how to roll the perfect blunt'.

    i will now proceed to watch your video with unreasonably high expectations.

    EDIT: i stopped watching at the part where you said you weren't going to be rolling weed. that part was straight dope.
  7. advice for your youtube channel: instead of making vlog type videos and blunt rolling videos, make a channel dedicated to nicely filmed bong hits.

    Of course to do that you would need lots of bongs lol, but thats the best kind of stoner youtube.

    what stoners on youtube want to see is fat oil rips out of skillets and percolated bongs, and lots of hash/bud smoking/showing.

    I still subscribed just to support you but i suggest you listen to my advice.

    edit: do whatever you want its harder to get lots of bongs than it seems lol, and lots of hash oil.
  8. look up hashbean ;)

  9. perhaps that is what you like, I find bong rips to be boring
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    first youtube stoner I ever watched.

    You haven't watched any good bong rip channels then. Its not just the watching thats entertaining, its looking at the sweet bongs and that helps me make a decision on what bong to buy next.

    Plus oil rips are entertaining as hell. Might I ask, what DO you look for in a stoner vid?

  11. I'm partial to series like Cannabis Connissieur...dank, and lots of dank with variety and reviews and other information about bud from people who have more access to bud then I will ever have. Unless it is legalized (here's hoping)
  12. Make a video where you're high and you're just talking and bullshitting. Those are great!
  13. :laughing: did you make a den high or something your vids are awesome :D

    [ame=]‪The Truth Behind South Park? My Theory‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

  14. What like this one :laughing:

    [ame=]‪The Truth Behind South Park? My Theory‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
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  16. hahaha glad u like mine.

    are u laughing at how stoned i am, or are u laughing at how stoned i am and at the theory lol

    basically asking if ur watching to make fun of me or cause im entertaining lol

    But for real, the stan thing could be real. I mean the episodes all start out from his eye, and then the more recent episodes begin with stan being created first. and kenny is killed every episode and brought back.. and they did explain this in its own story yes, but still kenny growing 9 years old in less than a day overnight and not aging at all through the events of the day?
  17. pretty sick dude, seems like the real deal, no youtube so some vids are off limits, always use weed bro, tobaccos the nasty mans buzz, keep tokin bro:bongin:
  18. i watch all your YouTube vids, they are pretty chill ahaha.
    Top Weed was the best though. Keep it up man!

  19. I use tobacco in a lot of videos of 2 main reasons 1. For demonstartions, how to videos. its a lot easier to waster tobbacco and get the same visual effect than it is with weed. 2. I dont smoke weed that much anymore and i didnt smoke weed when i made those videos

    THanks man :)

    New videos up!

    Hilarious video with my dog from last night is up as well

    ‪Stoned Dog from KanyeKnievel‬‏ - YouTube
  20. Yeah, I commented on that vid! Ahah getting ur dog high is so fun! One time my pup ate two firecrackers each made with .7 grams of Sour Diesel....he was twitching and shit ahah

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