My weekend so far.....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Newbie Toker, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Friday night rolls in and I've got no school for a week, but I'm sittin at home when a friend asks me on msn whether im goin out, so i say yeh where to, and he goes offline, 9 o'clock comes and I've organized for a friend to pick me up and go to another friends house for the night, anyways....we got some beer+shots+vodka, and pulled up, later on we bought an 1/8th of some killer bud for £25, and made a bong, had a bong and rolled a joint...then we went for a little walk, hehehe.....I never knew lamposts could break so easy! one of the ones we swung the whole top of it broke off! man it was funny...then on the way home we grabbed a kebab and wrapped another joint, sat down and smoked it.....then we we did get back to my friends house, we wrapped another joint, smoked that and watched TV for a lil was sweet, i also met some new people and now I have another cool place to hangout with people :-d

    Then tomorow me and 6 friends are goin to Birmingham to see The Distillers, i cant wait.
  2. i smoked massive amounts of herb last night. i don't remember much. but everyone wanted to party for friday the 13th. so we did. lol
  3. yeah gotta keep the bad away on friday the 13th :) nothing some cocktails and good tokables cant take care of!
  4. helll yeah man!
    Last night me and 3 other friends smoked 3 1/8ths and went to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning. Its a 3 day weekend for school, so I got tongiht and tomorrow to party as well! Tonight so far on the agenda is either alcohol or shrooms.
  5. Friday the 13th was definitely crazy for me. I picked up like a gram of hash and 3 good ass nugs with nice crystalization and hair for like 20 bucks because im cool with this kid. so we rented Beverly Hill's Ninja and went back to my friends house and rolled a blunt and smoked that which got me feeling it at first. Then we turned on the oven and popped in a pizza and went and smoked like 3 bowls and came back inside. Then we ate some pizza and wanted to finish off the nug with the hash. So we rolled this nice J and just hung outside mind you in like 10 degree weather here in wisconsin and just toked until we had nothing left. When we got back inside we were dancing around and watched Beverly Hill's Ninja and laughed our asses off so then i went online and made a fool of myself cause i forgot everything i said like 10 seconds ago and said stupid shit. Then we went to bed and played a hcokey game saturday morning

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