My Weekend.....smoking with a GC member

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TokinBlue, May 22, 2006.

  1. Well, my weekend started off by me leaving later than i had planned friday to head back towards Cinci area to hang out with Nushaganazad. Met up at Big Boy(frishes....cant spell it) and proceeded to drive to Cinci with some of his buddies to pick up some weed and coke.

    Friday night just consisted of us smoking and playing halo 2/watching tv in his room. I did a gummy just to see how coke kind of felt(never did it before) but since i had a pretty decent headache i chose to just chill for the rest of the night.

    Saturday consisted of chillin for most of the day watchin tv while dan did crap around the house. His mom made a KILLER dinner of steak with mushrooms, cheesy grits, biscuts, hot slaw(rice veggies bacon.....:yummy:) some asparagus as well. My GOD can she cook. I am missing it already. Oh and homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert(didnt eat til later tho cuz i was full)

    Went to autozone/gas station, got a blunt wrap and some other stuff, headed back, rolled up a NICE looking blunt(the dude has major skills in rolling) After he rolled it, he "encouraged" me to do a line of the coke and i eventually did, although i wish i had done more so i could have felt it more, but it was interesting

    Well it was looking like we probably were not gonna go out when dan's friend texted him sayin he was at the door and to let him in haha. We ended up going to this party and one of his friends houses and there was a bon fire going. We ended up smoking the blunt with a couple people then proceeded to hotbox a car(i didnt smoke in the car, the blunt already did me in, but the smoke was enough to boost my high) After that just chilled by the fire for a while and i was just kinda scopin out some of dan's friends since i didnt really know anyone there besides him.

    Weekend was cut short because of school shit and i had to leave around noon today to come back, but all in all, it was definately worth my drive to chill with nush for the weekend. :hello:

    feel free to add what you guys did this weekend too
  2. I worked...

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend though :)
  3. haha, it was one hell of a weekend!!! i had a good time, even though we just sat at my house till a bunch of friends arrived, i still had fun lol.

    Lol. my dog, wilson, is like pouting today, he loved nate haha. and now hes lonely
  4. Good shit man.. I've blazed up with a GC guy before... I tell you we have one badass community here
  5. we certainly do :smoke:
  6. all i did was blaze at work and work hah
  7. Shit i've smoked with like 8 members.. got em all weed too.

    GC is a nice place.

    Everything sounds pretty tight except who in the world passes up on a blunt bein smoked? :hello:
  8. nah lol i smoked the blunt hoast. wet mango royal blunt. it was delicious. but i was blazed as fuck off of it and when they were smoking in the car(smoking bowls) i just chilled and let them smoke
  9. Does this describe your situation at all?

    My ass about to pass out.

    One mo thing before I go,

    Never mind just put that fuckin' dope out,

    I'm smoked out.

    And there ain't no way I'm gone keep on a going,

    I should of been in bed a long time ago.

    I know it.
  10. haha, maybe for some, but def not for me. i dotn know if i have ever turned down weed. besides if im doing coke, cause i refuse to smoke until after i do coke. lol
  11. dan, this summer ill let you see how i am when i just keep smoking and smoking :smoke:

    haha and motion, yeah that is kinda how it is lol
  12. haha. never hit that point damn it lol. i just sit and take hit after hit after hit. and nothing phases me lol. i love it. but it can be wasteful since it takes alot to get me high

    and fine this summer, after your DT. But if u come back down here before that, no more smoking for u
  13. :(:cry::( i know.....these 3 weeks are gonna CRRAAAWWWWLLLLLLLLLL
  14. but u can still get trashed. 1 big party next friday night, and saturday night there is a kegger at a factory of my friends dads.
  15. that just reminded me i forgot the alcohol.......goddamnitsonofatbichslutfuckdickcuntwhorebag

    alright that sounds good. i am alot different drunk though, just a warning
  16. Same. Never turned down any weed being smoked, probably never will. Most i've had in a sesh is 3 ounces. then we ran out
  17. ive had three ounces in one day......alone. lol.
  18. healthy shit right there :rolleyes:

    i pray to god that i can never do that
  19. hey now, im in perfectly good health!
  20. This is great :rolleyes:

    When im off probation, id love to chill with GC members. Let me tell you, when its legal and we dont have to worry about cops scopin grasscity, trying to lope in unsuspecting stoners for a meet and greet *this has happened in the past, i am sure* we can all rally for a woodstock esque adventure. The GrassCity Music Tour! Grasstock! :hello:

    *sigh* I can dream cant I?

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