My Weekend (long)

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  1. My parents were out of town last weekend, so this is my story. It's long, but I hope it's enjoyable to read:

    Today is the start of a great weekend. I get home from school and find my two friends KB and Tim waiting for me outside my house. We boot from there and go to our alcohol hookup's house to get alcohol for the whole weekend. We're all currently out of weed so it's a clean ride. Anyway, we get to the liquor store and our hookup goes into the store. But when he walks into the store, the owner is like, "Alright, I want to see everybody in that car, IDs." I'm 17, my two friends are 18, and the hookup is 21. So I see him running out of the store, jump into the car, and we tear ass out of the parking lot. Scary shit man, but I knew the owner couldn't do anything so it was cool. So we go to another liquor store in a different city and it's all good. We get about $75 worth of beer and liquor, and drop off the hookup after giving him a tip of course. KB wants to buy a sack to we call my weed hookup and get all that taken care of. So we boot back to my house to have our pre-party, and we smoked and drank Jack Daniels for the rest of the night, it was bomb.

    I get up at around 1 PM feeling great because I'm one of the lucky ones who don't get hangovers. My friend Adam runs his own casino every week for people in my school. Currently there's blackjack and roulette, and it fuckin kicks ass. It's a clean casino, so there's usually no drinking or smoking, but not this week... hehe. Since my rents are out of town, I'm having the casino at my house tonight. The casino alone brings a solid 20 people a week, most of whom are my friends. I'm expecting around 30 people tonight, so I gotta hide some shit so people don't steal my shit. It takes me 3 hours to clean shit up.

    7 PM: The tables are set up, and a few of my best friends are over already drinkin a few of the beers that I bought yesterday. My prices are a dollar per beer, or $5 for all you can drink, pretty good deal. I drop about $10 on blackjack, then I head over to the kitchen to talk to my friends who are hangin out and drinkin.
    9 PM: The guest list is up to about 15-20 now, I've had like 5 beers, and like 4 of my smoker friends and I are downstairs in my unfinished basement smokin a couple bowls. About half the people are drinking, all are gambling. There's an X-box set up so some people are hackin on that.
    10 PM: Guest list is 20-30. My weed hookup shows up with more smokers (all of whom I know and have smoked with before) and we head downstairs to smoke some bowls. My bud pulls out his kick ass bong that he's dubbed "The Dragon". I take some of the biggest hits of my life and tear up my lungs. I'm worried about the people upstairs, so I leave after the first bowl.
    11 PM: I'm standing here in the middle of my living room, ripped off my ass. I'm never been this fucked up before. I see 10 people around the blackjack table, cheering every minute or so when Adam (casino owner) busts and everybody wins. I look to my family room and see 6 people sitting on my couches playing X-Box. I look over to my dining room and see 10 people standing around the roulette table losing their money. I look outside to my deck and see 4 people smoking cigarettes. I look over to my living room and find my friend Tim bumping some rap music. I open the basement door, and all I see is a haze of smoke. I walk down, and everybody greets me since I'm the "guest of honor". There's a circle of about 6 people passing around The Dragon, and I walk in and take a few more of the greatest hits of my life. You wouldn't believe the cloud(s) of smoke in my basement, it was surreal.
    12 PM: Everybody is upstairs while I'm airing out my basement. I'm chillin in the kitchen with my smoker friends while everybody else is still gambling and having a great time. They're playing NFL Fever on the X-Box, while somebody set up Madden 2002 on the N64 in my brother's room, so there are multiple football games going on. A walk around my house, greeting everybody with the biggest smile on my face, holding a beer in my hand (there was always a beer in my hand that night). I start cleaning up because FOR SOME REASON I like to clean shit up when I'm really, really high. Don't ask my why, I have no idea.
    1 PM: Everybody is leaving with designated drivers (of course), while a few of my friends are staying over. My friend Tim has to go home, and he lives 45 minutes away, so he's been trying to sober up (but still smoking) for a couple hours. He admits that he's still fucked up, so the 4 of us who are still here drive him to his house. The 2 sober people are driving.
    2:30 PM: We get back to my house and start up a game of drunken Madden. We're all tired but it was still fun.
    3:30 PM: I pass out on my bed within 3 seconds of laying down. This was a great party.
    -- I wish that there were more chicks. There were a few, but the casino is mostly a guy thing. Nobody seemed to care though, I certainly didn't at the time.
    -- I wish that the party would have gone later, but it was still fun as fuck.
    -- A cop lives in my neighborhood, so I was trippin a bit about that. But like I said, I've had a lot of parties, so I wasn't too worried about it.
    -- The casino is at another kids house this week, and his parents are also out of town. Looks like another bomb ass party is on the way... HAHA, WOO!

    Hope that wasn't too long of a story for ya. Give me some feedback.
  2. Sounds like a great wknd!! :smoking:

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