My Weekend- if anybody cares ( full story inside)

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  1. Well this happened Friday night into early saturday morning.

    (the sole reason i am typing this to to relinquish anger and vent)

    This is Long and if you comment on the wall of text. This is a warning.

    Back Ground

    I wanted to smoke this weekend, it would be my first purchase since Christmas, i was planning on getting weed Thursday but that never happened. I planed on smoking a blunt and sitting down to watch movies and chill that never happened . I get a call to come chill from my best friend, i said i plan to chill and smoked weed and not be a bother if no one else is smoking weed i ll feel like a creeper. This guy doesn't have any connects or nothing now so the next few lines are his bullshit to come get me to chill. Also i known this dude for about 12 years now and we chill alot and he is like a brother to me. But i chilled all week with him and decided i am going to chill at home with some mary jane.

    Note : he doesn't smoke himself nor have stoner's over besides me. His bullshit goes something like this:

    Him: Hello ?
    Me: Uh yeah what up ?
    Him: whats good for tonight?
    me : Chilling trying to grab and just hang here for the weekend.
    Him: Come chill were drinking and all that. * i don't drink at all*
    ME: i don't drink i smoke if there is other smokers then i ll reach but i know i ll feel left out.
    Him: i have tons of people over who will smoke, also if u want to grab i got my dealer over so he will hook you up fat.
    Me: iight peace.

    At this time i have no weed on me. i have a blunt and my grinder and the story he gave me sounded sketch. I get to his house to see 3 people over, i said "uh whats up ? i thought you was having a party or something? I need to grab from your boy real quick where is he at?. Ok, i kinda knew he was bullshitting on the phone but i figured by some luck he would have a dealer it would be the guy i knew or something so its not sketchy on my part. He goes, " Uh he isn't here you just missed him he left like a minute or so ago" I go " WHAT you could have toll him i was coming i wanted to grab"

    anyways i catch him on his bull shit there but i didn't call it on him. Well its around 12-1 o'clock and i am not high or drunk but mad as hell, it was so lame just sitting there watching other people get drunk and shit and all i could think of was " This weekend blows already and its only saturday". So by some dumb luck my sister went downstairs to see her friend *same apartment building* and she runs into her friends dealer and grabs a 8th for me. So she calls me on my cell and said i got some for you and to not buy the garbage weed that some dude has that is apparently coming so i said alright cool. she gets back to his house and its like 2 now so i am not high or drunk and was like about time.

    I roll up a blunt, and go smoke it with my friend who was at the party and my sister. I hit it and pass it and give it to my sister and she hits it and passes it to the next person i was like cool don't worry take your time. (he is a rookie smoker). I guess he thought he got to smoke the whole blunt because he never passed it so i call him on it. So by now i figured this dude is high he don't need to be in rotation no more so i just turn my shoulder away and my sister and i kill the rest of my blunt, so its down to the filter/roach line and he sticks his two fingers and grabs at it. I toll him you held the blunt for like 5 mins str8 your high or your doing it wrong so just go chill and i ll smoke you out later tonight, he says some dumb shit as he is walking inside and i held back from decking him just to cease drama or what not. ( i held in the anger and it build)

    At this point I am feeling good, smoked weed for the first time in a while and was feeling lifted. It wasn't the greatest weed ever but it was some good shit. The kid who i smoked out earlier said he was pretty high and was just chilling and having some fun, i said don't worry we still cool and to just chill.

    At this time its about 3-4 close to it and my sister who is a year younger then me, *18* says she is going to walk home, being the older brother i said i ll walk you home and make sure your safe or what not, but the real reason was to go home cook a pizza and come back, i said ill be about an hour. OK, we dont live far away like across the street but there is a school blocking my path so i cut threw the fences or what not and i could be there in 5 mins flat. So when i say i am going to be an hour everyone goes HUH! and then i be like i am going to make food or what not. I come back to his place grab my weed which i left at his place *smartest thing i ever did* on the way back over i got searched by the cops and shit. (also builds to my stress and anger)

    i just walked home and back here and its like -26 or something and i am cold, so i go can i sit down or something and by this time there is 2 more new people there, someone goes NO! so i said bluntly to who every alright fuck y'all i am out. There is 2 lazy boys and a 5 person couch, theres my best friend (1) his girl friend (2) the kid i smoked out (3) and my friends roommate (4) and a kid i hate so much(5) and they cant make some room for me after walking threw snow and shit fuck em. but there was a girl on the couch who was there for only a few minutes (maybe is roommates girlfriend or something) . she goes "here have my spot i am going for a smoke in a few anyways". I go "shit me too i ll keep you company i just gotta roll this real quick" , she goes what you smoking i am like some bud, she goes ah cool i have a toke if you don't mind, i said of course, i love to smoke you. me being high couldn't help but laugh at the words i said. i had no problem smoking this girl i have no problem smoking anyone really, just be cool and chill and we prob will become friends. Anyways, tell me how every single person on the couch jumped up after they found i had weed on me, they was like oh here have my seat and shit, kissing my ass and shit, it almost made me puke,

    ( at this point it was like walking on eggshells with me i could snap at anytime)

    I didn't get the chance to smoke her because she was gone like 2 minutes after we met, but i never even get her name or nothing, i just know she was hot!. I manage to sit down and i didn't really plan on smoking weed just chill or what not and my best friend goes. UH why don't you smoke him out?" Pointing to the kid i fucking cant stand. I just realized this now, i seen that kid whisper to my friend and i bet that kid ask him to ask me to smoke him out, i can almost see the whiny bitch whimpering about how he wants to smoke my weed. FUCK! I said " nah i don't like that kid". i left it at that. 20 minutes after i seen this dude just chilling rude as fuck to me and he wasn't going to let me play cod5, i said look i ll think about smoking you out but your gonna have to stop being a prick towards me and my friends." He goes yeah? i said yup just be chill and we can stop what ever beef there is right now. So he hands me the controller and i am like just finish your game there was like 30 seconds left or what not, i am busy rolling a joint for us but when we get back in i am playing for like an hour. SO, i start the grinding of the weed, it wasn't the best grinder in the world it had a lot of sqeek sounds to it but it did the job. He complains about how he hates that sound and tells me to stop (also getting madder but i let it go)

    . I am like yeah good luck rolling a joint with pure nuggets, let me do my thing bro. just chill or whatever, and i continue. Mid-way thru the rolling i hit a stem and ripped the joint in half and it was his grape wraps, i called grape tape because if you get it wet in the wrong area they just stick together and you cant reset them so i figured i ll just use the ziggy's and i ll just do my thing. I don't know but he said something along the lines of DAM! you are taking for ever, or like cmon i just want to smoke already. I got mad, if i didn't have grind up weed on me i would have jumped up on him and beat this shit but i said nah i ll just smoke and let it go.

    We go do our seshi and someone else hands him a cigarette and he is holding the joint in one hand and the smoke in the other and isn't passing so i tried to whole it back in but i couldn't, i said pass it? he doesn't reply, so i just grab him by the collar and slam him to the bricks and he gets all mad and teary eyed and shit and goes Wtf dude, i was like your not passing my weed and you been a prick so i toll you if u stop being a prick you can smoke but your still being a prick dude, and then he throws my freshly rolled joint over the balcony and i snap, i couldn't bring my self to hit him i don't need a fight to break out at like 6-7 in the morning, so i toll him is that your ps3 ? he goes ya, i am like ok i think you can go save my joint, but if i throw this shit off the balcony i doubt your getting this back, go get my joint and well be cool, so there is about 5 feet of snow on the ground i used the white papers he thought i used the purple ones so he is looking for like an hour or so and i can see it by some trees/ mulch that was not covered by snow. *2nd floor* i guess he is blind and deaf because we used a laser pointer on it and he still couldn't grab it, i toll him to fuck it just come back up, well my best friend seen what was going on and i thought he was going to have my back but he took his side. I left like 20 seconds after and went down found the joint and was like here you dumb fuck peace out all yall. i left. i woke up like Sunday morning to like 11 face book messages saying from my friend how he was sorry he was drunk and shit with all leads up to more bullshit this dude is pure bull shit, like i tried to make mends with him today tried to chill but i couldn't bring my self to say i was at fault when i clearly wasn't.

    I woke up and thought how i believe i am a disappointment in others eyes but typing all that shit i feel better about it, i feel good. For those who do read this i thank you as i am just venting and now i feel much much better about my self.

    Have a good week.
  2. I don't have any real advice except find better people to hang out with. Good read though. Just keep toking and be chill, but I think you already have that part down pretty well. :smoke:
  3. I didn't really understand your story, but I appreciate you not beginning it with 'so'. Do you really talk like that?
  4. i'm on your side dude. i would've been pissed about that shit too.
  5. WTF what a fuckin douche bag that kid was mang you gotta show him how to behave fuck him up dawg
  6. Sounds pretty lame. =( I would rather be chilling by myself than with those types of people.
  7. Sounds like high school BS.
  8. I would suggest taking up misanthropy if these are the people you are surrounded by
  9. Yeah I'm sorry dude, you just got to find new compadres, find chill stoner types not people who prefer alcohol...fuck that.

    I hang out with 3 buddies of mine and they all like the same music while high, so do I. They aren't shitheads about passing neither...considering one of them broke my weed cherry.

    They flatout tell me if I did something wrong I tell them if they did something that I don't like.

    So dude just find some new peeps to hang out, you hear some dude or chick talking about the ganj go talk to them man, maybe you will end up liking them.
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    thats wicked dude, i made up my mind and i think i am gonna get rid of them peeps and find new ones,

    also quick thanks for all who read it and help gave me some general ideas on what to do.
  11. I'm glad that helped man good luck man, finding an awesome circle to smoke with is nice.

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