my week is gonna suck :(

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. well last night i smoked the rest of my stash. i was fucken higher then fuck. my sat night sorta got blown off and i ended up being ome by 8... lame...

    so i go in the basement and toke the night away. i jus woke up and realize iahvent got shit left. this mean on 420 i will be home. dry. i havent been dry in a while. its like an invoulentary tollerence break
  2. Why can't you go out and buy more?
  3. i have 50 bucks and thats gotta buy me gas till next pay check

  4. :(
  5. that just changed however :)

    just found like 4 bowl pack nugs in the back of my stash corner! i just smoked a bowl and im all better
  6. haha you lucky sob
  7. im on probation, i'm gonna see if I can take my drug test before 4/20.. because if i didn't taht would seriously suck
  8. you know what would be funny?:

    if you got a wizzinator (which would pretty much insure you would pass) and go in for the test high as shit smelling like reefer w/blood shot eyes.

    it will piss the people off so much when the test comes back negative.

  9. Had to look that one up... and it's "Whizzinator" at that is some hilarious shit, although I don't mean to make it sound hilarious. It's a serious product for serious people... but just looking at it at the site is a freakin' hoot if you ask me, which I know no one did, but... they even show the difference between the Whizzinator and 'the competition'! Sure woulda' fooled me! :p :D ;) :rolleyes: :eek: :cool:
  10. Glad you found some, as for me I am broke as all fuck, no job, no gas, no food, no bud.. This sucks :( ... Happy Easter I guess? It isn't a very happy one for me.


    EDIT:// LOL.. I just went to the Whizzinator site and I saw the different 'varieties' theres "White, Tan, Latino, Brown and Black" ... LOL
  11. Ha! ​
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  12. I love how it comes in different colors to match the color of your penis!:D :rolleyes:
  13. aahahahaaha!1!1!
  14. I have like 6 or 7 bowls left and I'm trying to savor them until 4/20. I'd prefer not to go dry before next weekend... but I'm pretty sure that won't happen, cause once I start tokin' I don't stop til I pass out. 15 minutes to 4:20pm here in chicago. I'll be smoking first bowl of easter day, 2006. I'll be getting more on the day before 4/20 though. I learned my lesson a few years back... I called like 30 people on 4/20 before I found one with weed. 4/20 = Dealers busiest day of the year. He'll have people calling him who'll be like... "Yo! I got your number from this kid who got your number from this kid who got your number from this kid who got your number from John."

    Confusing shit... can really fuck with a stoned dealer's head. hahaha :smoke:


    Edit: I'm sorry... I just TOTALLY jacked this thread haha. I just saw some people talking about easter, 4/20, and how much weed they left, and I decided I'd share =/

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