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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bobby820, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, scratch, scratch, sniff,.......mmmmmmm mighty fine Bud bobby820
  2. looks great, did you grow them yourself, or was it weed you bought?

    ps, do they look kinda blue in the first pic due to the flash, or are they slightly blue?

    oh yeah, and do you know the strain, they look great.....Peace out........Sid
  3. I didn't grow them my self I bought an ounce this is what I got.. They do look slightly blue in person but the pic really brought it out.. I think it's called Bull Rider or something like that... I'm really not sure.. I just know it's good weed..haha
  4. how much did you pay for the oz?

  5. that shit looks nice how much u pay fo it??
  6. Ug buy big buds with big money. Smoke til you choke man.
  7. ........Can I have it?
  8. Sure if I had any left..
  9. That's lowryder! Probably the new strains, that are crossed with some crazy strains!
  10. Lucky lucky man, And i see you live in SoCal, Could i ask where abouts? Im in SoCal To.
  11. Carlsbad you...

  12. Yes that's what it's called.. Low rider! I couldn't understand the kid I got it off when he said it.. Thought he said bullrider.. Nice call.. It's good shit..
  13. Very nice, the knowledge you have about smoking this particular strain would probably be pretty valuable to some of the guys growing, I know I saw a couple threads in the Seed Bank forum inquringin about Low Ryder and how it smoked.

    You might want to bring it up in that forum, b/c I'm sure some people would be interested. :)

    I did a search on Lowryder, there's some interesting info.

    You might want to do a search on the forums too, I know for a fact they have some great info.

    I haven't grown, or smoked lowryder, but it's becoming notorious because of it's auto-flowering properties - that means there's no vegetative state! sprout to bud in 6-9 weeks! It's seriously a revolutionary plant, this is the plant that could beat prohibition because it's so simple to grow.

    But anyways, I'm DYING to know, how's it smoke???
  15. It's a really good smoke.. I like it a lot.. It's just very smooth and it also doesn't make it seem like you want to fall asleep either well to me it didn't anyway.. I could actually go out and function while still being high.. Best shit I've gotten in Cali so far.. Will see what I get in a couple days.. I will check out those other forums too that some of you mentioned..

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