My weed WAS laced - you all were wrong.

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    A big sarcastic thanks to everyone on here who was rude about the whole laced weed thread I had (which some mod apparently moved to "apprentice smokers", which is totally incorrect). I found out earlier that the weed was laced with embalming fluid. The unbelievable rudeness here on the city is unbelievable. It hardly feels homely anymore. All of you here think that weed can't be laced - you're very, very wrong. I was shot down by my experience, yet come to find out - it was laced.


    i was stupid enough to believe everyone on here who said there was no way in hell it could have been. i'm really disappointed in the city :( :mad::cry:

  2. yes weed can be laced and i'm sorry it happened to you

    but without pictures of said weed, how can you expect us to analyze something we cant see??

  3. Then you shouldn't be asking others to tell you what is in your weed.

  4. I understand that. I'm just saying - I explained my experience before, and everyone shot me down saying that "dealers don't do that" and shit like that.


    and thank you for your condolences. i'm glad some people here still have some chill stoner in them :cool:

  5. Prime example of what I'm talking about.

    THIS IS A STONER FORUM. You all need to lighten up a bit. I was ridiculed at for asking if my weed could be laced...
  6. Haha, I've smoked some shit that had embalming fluid on it. Some straight up dank shit from Tenessee. You made it sound in your thread that you were fucking paranoid about some kind of hallucinogen or something, embalming fluid is a whole nother story.

    Shits good man, what are you complaining about? Got you fucked, I'd be going back asking for more.
  7. Grow your own.:hello:
  8. yea i get it man and if to say that "dealers dont do that" is a fuckin lie

    dealers are usually sketchy ass people that dont care about you, ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY

    now i know some are good especially if your ACTUALLY friends with them

    if you buy from said dealer a lot and have the occasional small talk with him that doesn't mean he wont fuck you in the ass

    just watch your back
  9. what are you on about. judging by your post count your a kid here for the summer.
    yes weed can be laced but its actually called "dipping" depending on what you do to the weed. i know a few people who dust and dip with actuall drugs not whatever the hell you had, dont complain when nubs on here talk shit about a pointless thread.

  10. Embalming fluid is another for for PCP. I really don't see the joy in that. I don't see what's enjoyable about feeling like you're rotting in hell and being crawled on by bugs....
  11. this is the dumbest reply that is almost in every thread
  12. I've smoked that shit to and it does get you pretty fucked up, but you don't smoke that shit with out knowing it you can smell and taste it. We used to dip our cigs in embalming fluid back when I was in high school.
  13. What the fuck:confused:
    Embalming fluid!!! somebody explain this....
  14. I'm pretty sure PCP and Embalming fluid are not the same thing buddy.

  15. why is it dumb? its 100% true. grow your OWN and it wont be laced. simple, not dumb.

  16. Here for the summer? I've been here longer than you pal :) You really have no room to speak.

    your post is exhibit B
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    yeah well if more people did less would have this problem...
  18. The term "embalming fluid" is also slang for the psychoactive drug PCP, and possibly other dissociatives. Confusion over this usage has misled anti-drug speakers to condemn the use of, and drug users to mistakenly use, actual embalming fluid.
  19. respect
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    Guys, settle down.

    I didn't see your initial post, but I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I think many of us have gone through something similar at some point or another.

    I would definitely suggest posting pics the next time you're suspicious about the weed you've purchased. It's a message board, so it's impossible to avoid some of the criticism, but I guarantee that you'd get better information if you would have posted pics.

    I'd probably stay away from the dealer from whom you got the laced weed for a while. Even if he's selling better quality bud now, he should be punished for subjecting you to that garbage.

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