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  1. One day I come home and I start to walk upstairs, until my mom says "hey camilla, come in the kitchen, I wanna talk to you"

    SO I come into the kitchen and she says to me "i know that you have been using drugs" (and I don't feel guilty because during that time I hadn't been using any real drugs, just marijuana and alcohol). and I say "what are you talking about?" (trying to play the innocent role)

    She says "I found some stuff in your room"
    THe first thing that comes to my mind is the bad ass half ounce of weed that I had bought the day before and I think to myself "gosh, why did she have to find out right whenever I finally got some really good weed, why couldn't she have just found some shitty little 1/8 of shwag."

    But I still try to play it cool and I don't want to say anything because for all I know she could have just found a pipe or something like that.

    So I say "I don't do drugs mom, I just like to smoke weed, it makes me happy"
    I leave her and go to my room and find out that she hasn't found jack shit. She didn't find my bad ass sack of weed, she didn't find my bong, pipe, or any other paraphenalia, nothing is missing from my room.

    So I openly admitted to my mother that I smoked pot whenever it turned out that she merely found some stems in my trash which I could have played off as not weed.

    Some of you are probably thinking "so what" but the reason it mattered so much was that on my last birthday before that my parents caught me on acid and from then on they assumed that I had done every drug on the planet. So I promised them I would never do any drugs again, especially not marijuana. They basically lost all their trust in me, and I was slowly gaining it back but once I admitted to smoking weed again I had to start all over.

    OH well.
  2. That sucks, I feel for ya man. I had a similar experience with my parents. They found out that I smoked pot when I was 14 because I had smoked in my room. They lost all trust in me and I was not able to go out with my friends at all. So I quit for a few years in order to gain their trust back, but the temptation of the herb was just too strong to stay away from for too long. I started smoking again, without my parents knowledge, for about a year, but they caught onto me sometime. They questioned me about it, and I was completely honest, and now my parents and I talk openly about pot. They completely trust me now, and all they ever say is, "Everything in moderation", which I think is good advice.
  3. sweet dude wish my parents were like that theyd disown me even if they caught me smoking ciggarettes

  4. LOL man, tell us what is new in next 3 years ;)
  5. I know I hate it I smoked weed and my grandma went through my room and found some weed and flipped out and thought i was a crackhead and gave ame drug tests all the time after that , but i moved so im good now
  6. alright normally my parents are gone all day until 5 30 for work so i invited a friend over without their permission to smoke some bud we have already smoked 2 grav bong 2 bong hits for me and 1 for him and a j so where fucked basically we where rollin another j and a bowl when we hear my dad knockin on the door OPEN UP! he came back from the gym he took a day off today he comes in and tells my friend to leave and has a weed talk with me and takes my phone and internet and everything away and didnt let me do shit
  7. u guys do realize this is a girl telling the story


  8. ....So?
  9. big ups to the homie conquer50

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