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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Sherpa, May 4, 2012.

  1. err. help can someone either explain why my Bowl on my bong full of weed just exploded with a flaming explosive pop with debris and an empty bong afterwards, with zero defects in the bowl??

    i lit it with a match which had completely burnt past the phosphate tip. only a wood kindled flame was used for ignition
  2. Glass? Or maybe they threw shit in there to add weight.. u got any pics?....

    Maybe it was bomb shit lol
  3. There was probably a seed in it, when they get lit they explode.
  4. ^ bomb shit hahaha.. it was a seed dude
  5. Maybe a seed? I've heard of them exploding if accidentally smoked
  6. seeds. get some dank man.
  7. You probably had a little seed sneak in there when you were packing the bowl.

    Its almost like when you heat a corn kernel up it pops when heated to a certain temp.

    Although in your case that pop occurred inside of your bowl lol.

    Next time you pack one up, make sure to break the nug up finely so you can easily remove the seeds.
  8. Hahah fuk yea or seeds totally frogot about seeds lmaoo haven't got one in a while it was a seed bro... I wasn't thinking brain fart haha..

  9. Dank can have seeds it has to do with whether or not the plant gets pollinated.
  10. Seeds exploding sounds pretty gnar.
  11. Oh the sound of a seed exploding makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  12. Same shit happend to me I ended up smoking a shitload of seeds!

    Was used to smoking dank without any so I never checked hahaha
  13. i want what your smoking.
  14. Wait the whole fuckin slide exploded? Or just the bowl you loaded haha. Seeds crackle and pop (and taste like shit) but the don't really... Explode persay
  15. #15 The Sherpa, May 4, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: May 4, 2012
    no i was trying to make it sound like there wasnt any glass defects or damage. so it had nothing to do with instrument.
    and i was chopping superdank.

    well how about if i informed you fellers that it wasnt buddy, i had chopped it very fine from what originally was only balls of hairs on little sticks. and i knew there was no way a seed could have escaped me in that chop. it would stick out like a mofo.
  16. More than just weed was in there. I've had beasters like that before. You'd get a lot of kief from a lil nug and when you put it on top of a bowl it would crackle and catch a flame like 2-3in tall
  17. Ehh, you probably don't, actually.

    If you're sure there was no seeds in there.. then something is wrong with your weed. It should not explode :confused:
  18. Is it the first time you smoked this kind of stuff?

    Looks like you're a victim of spontaneous combustion or your weed had that explosive fertilizer shit on it
  19. They clearly put M80's in the bag to add weight ;P
  20. Had you cleaned your bong recently? Perhaps some alcohol vapor was in the bong and it ignited?

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