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My weed is too

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AlphaOmega420, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. I just got a eigth from my friend, and it seems to be abit moist. when I try lighting it up, it doesnt burn normally.. and i seem to be getting ALOT less smoke..

    Is there a fast way to dry the weed out?
    Without destroying all the thc with light in the process? Or is that just a rumor?

    Thanks in advance
  2. You could put it in a brown paper bag, or wrap it up in some tissue paper. Basically anything that will absorb the moisture will work. If you break/chop it up and lay it between two paper towels for about 30 mins I bet it would get pretty dry.
  3. Roll it in a blunt, it'll smoke just fine.
  4. I just broke it up abit and wrapped it in tissue paper... hopefully it doesnt get to dry
  5. better too dry then sopping wet.
  6. I dont understand your problem entirely... are you saying that it's too sticky, or is just... wet. There's a difference. Sticky weed is better weed... well most of the time. Wet weed is completely different. Basically it just means that when you got it from your dealer, it was probably JUST picked off the plant. Which... is not bad. It's better for you... You should probably keep asking for that. When people dry their weed, they want you to pay more since it took them more time... So... Yeah. Good hook up.

    My advice, follow the other advice. Just try drying it out. I've never heard anything about light destroying THC... since y'know... It needs light to grow...

    My other advice, smoke it in a joint or a blunt. If you're smoking in a bowl its going to be a bit wierd... But smoking out of a blunt or joint is going to be amazing! Slow burning weed is GREAT.
  7. Yeah its just really really moist i guess, he said it was just picked.... It was just hitting weird with my bomb and not much smoke and harder to burn...

    But deff gonna roll some zig-zags.... ty
  8. doesnt wet weed weigh more?
  9. I dont quite agree with you saying that its better to buy weed that was freshly picked and still moist, that means its heavier, and that you get less bud in weight. If its dried properly by the time the dealer sells it to you then its better for you because youll have more buds in the same weight

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