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My weed crackles when I smoke it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ResinHits, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I just copped a couple grams from a new guy. I noticed when i smoke it, the bud crackles and sparks a little. It looks weird.. im thinking its the little hairs on the nugs? Any thoughts?
  2. Just a different kind of weed. That's happened to me too!
  3. Yeah I get a bit of snap crackle and pop sometimes.
  4. I've been told spider mights crackle/pop when smoked , I assume its not properly cured :smoking:
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  5. I've had that happen as well when my bowl or weed is wet. If so, it's for the same reason as when you drop water onto a running stove it crackles: the water is being forced to evaporate quickly.

    Try wiping out the side of your bowl with a paper towl, and checking to see if your weed is wet.

  6. i was thinking it was something along the lines of that. its like a tiny spark and pop when i put fire to it
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  7. Either it's really dry or it's covered in pesticides or fertilizer.
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  8. I've been told it's not properly flushed, but I really could not say
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  9. It's definitely not the pistils man (hairs).

    This can happen for a few reasons.

    If the bud is damp or overly dry.

    If the bud has small undeveloped seeds (so small you might not notice unless looking very closely). Rip open a few calyxes to check.

    If the bud wasn't flushed properly. Excess nutes can cause popping.

    That's about it aside from foreign objects/bugs.
  10. Yeah , somethings wrong with it but it can be smoked. :smoking:
  11. Make firecrackers with it!
  12. Check for seeds man. Some seeds will crackle or pop when you smoke them. But that's usually only for like reg or low mids. Just the first thing that came to mind.
  13. If your really nervous about having chems/ ferts in your bud. Try water curing it. Read my water curing method
  14. probably has cereal in it
  15. Yeah I was thinking seeds or casings...
  16. i think its seeds
  17. I looked into this before when I had the same thing. It turns out its flint from the lighter that causes it.
  18. For me its almost always little seeds. Sometimes unless you really pull apart the bud you wont find the seeds.

    Bugs shouldnt pop unless they were full of moisture and very durable. If it was dry bud, the bugs should be dry and just burn. (fire has to heat them up and pop em, just seems odd)

    Chemicals? Maybe but I would also doubt that, I dont flush my own much and my personal bud I grow has never popped.

    So all in all, a seed gets hot, too hot and explodes which creates the pop.

    If you really think about it, nothing else really fits except seeds OR wet bud because of the moisture escaping when you light it. (or like others have said, a very foreign object that shouldnt be in there anyway)

    When you light it, take a hit and move it away does it smoke more than normal? Seeds create lots of smoke and the weed tastes like shit or atleast it tastes very off if the seeds are tiny.
  19. Usually the cracking comes from really dry stuff
  20. This may be a result of too much nitrogen & improper flush, amongother things the others mentioned. But, if the particular strain has a very high / dense number of pistils, it will crack & pop no matter how well it was flushed and how well it's cured. I did a G-13 / Big Bud strain several years ago, the Rastafarians in Cincinnati LOVED the shit but they were always teasing that they had to get their afro pics out to comb the stuff before they smoked it. It was mos'def the heaviest hair strain I ever grew and it absolutely snap / crackle / popped when it burned. But the shit was psychedelic, waaay heavy head high. The boyz n' gurls in the rainbow hats can't be wrong when it comes to good weed. They always wanted more.
    But if you only got a couple g's, it's probably all gone by now??? If it does the job, "...don't worry, be happie"

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