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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums but I like the vib of the forum here. Everyone is laid back and it doesn't feel like haters are just waiting around to try to ruin someones day. It's a good feel. :) I've been working on my stoner webcomic for a while now and I've finally gotten it online. I figured this would me a good place to let people know about it. Give it a look at:


    If you like it, please bookmark and check back for regular updates (2+ times a week). Feel free to drop me a line (info on the Contact Me page). Questions, comments, hatemail, whatever, give me some feedback. Hope you guys love reading em' as much as I love drawing em'.
  2. I've added a couple of my more psychedelic pieces. One, of Buckethead, titled "Digging a Hole". If you don't know who he is.. do yourself a big favor and look him up on Youtube. The other is a composition I did for my younger (piano playing) brother titled "Harmony". Both were painted using Corel Painter X.
    Digging a Hole:





    Check out my webcomic, click the logo above!

  3. I really like it, nice one dude:smoke:
  4. Thanks Jay, glad someone checked it out. :)
  5. I love the story! I love stoner comics and this is high-end, dude :smoking:
  6. GREAT COMIC!!! will continue to read them.
  7. :)+rep for creativity! keep up the good work!
  8. That's a creative idea...i like! keep it up man ill be readin them often.
  9. I like it man,keep up the good shit. Lol "Letting the teenagers lick me for $5 a lick."
  10. Glad you liked em' :) It made me smile ear to ear just knowing that you guys enjoyed it. Well, that and I just :smoking: before I logged in. I'll keep drawing em' if you keep reading em'... Well, I'll probably keep drawing them regardless but it's really nice to hear some positive feedback. Thanks everyone, I really do appreciate it. Check back twice a week for updates!

  11. Very good. :wave: :smoking:
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    Heys folks, since I posted this a couple months ago I've added about 22 more strips. I'm still havin' a ton of fun doin' em. I'd love if everyone re-visited the site and took a look at the more recent funnies. I've been updating 3 times a week for a couple of months now, they really add up over time, hope you guys enjoy! I'll see ya around, Peace!

    P.S. To whomever runs the twitter account for grasscity: Thanks for the follow, I'm looking forward to reading your tweets.

    Zens Garden - Stoner Comic
  13. still login em
  14. hey good stuff man keep it up
  15. these are really cool! I love the frame you use for the strip lol - the mushroom stalk as one of the divider things.

    Looks good!

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