My warrant for arrest?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MicroGrower420, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. At about 9am this morning I lit up my usual L maxing and relaxing watching Inception again, Then I hear a knock at the door banging really damn loud, I get up pause the movie, walk over to the door pissed off, then ask "who the hell is it" then I hear "POLICE, we have a warrant to search the Premises" I got a blunt in my mouth, house reeks of weed, and I got 5 plant's growing indoors as well..I tell them to hold on while I get dressed, then I scatter to the room and trash as much stuff as I can...roaches, guts, plants, clones, the whole nine yards, and throw it out the window. Mind you I am still super high....I go to answer the door to endure my fate, before I can open it, the door unlocks, my heart stops and then the maintenance man walks in laughing and shit........the burn out I am I forgot he was coming by to fix my water pressure he told me he would be there at 9am.....damn asshole...:(
  2. hahahaha at least he's got a sense of humor

  3. haha yeah that sucks that he trashed everything for nothing though
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha man:hello:
    Thats priceless. Def rep+
  5. better safe than sorry in my opinion think how fucked you would be if the cops caught you with 5 plants
  6. dam thats hurtin. he probably smelt reefer an couldnt wait to fix that water pipe! :smoke:

  7. Fresh meat at Riker's island fucked.
  8. Yea he pokes mad smot:eek:
  9. How far along were the plants?
  10. 3 month's not to bad..But sucks I have to start from fresh
  11. I hate when people do that shit.
  12. LMFAO!!! This made me laugh hard + rep

    But you threw your plants out the window lmfaooo i guess you were too high to think that they would be coming from all entrances

    But in the end, Gay as fuck.

  13. Yea especially when I am high and paranoid, cops are not a joke XD. Complete buzz kill

  14. hahahhaha yea defiantly wasn't thinking, I was just trying to get them the heck out of the house :smoke:. He then has the audacity to ask me to cuff him a dub......douche bag...
  15. dude that's such a dick move lol i would be so pissed

    kind of funny but still man that shit is heeeeeat

  16. Man i gotta ask, did you go get the shit u threw out the window lol
    or is your plants still chillin out in the snow

  17. I ain't thaaaat big of a burn out, I got it, and am trying to salvage my clones, the mom's are done for, uprooted...
  18. lol made me laugh.

    if it were the cops, you think you were pretty much busted?
  19. Lol +rep cause i feel bad for you

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