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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by MrGiggleS, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. i drew this on my wall with paintpens and black light sensitive paint :) pretty trippy

    WTF it wont let me attach the image it keeps going to a "cannot be displayed " page after i click on post
  2. heres a blurry pic i drew 2 mushrooms one to the left (the little one) above my socket

    and 1 to the right which is realy tall and the stem is like a candy cane red stripped im not all the way done its just a work in progress im going to try and paint my whole wall with different things on it :) next im going to do jimi hendrix

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  3. heres a pic of les claypool its really blurry and distorted but its deffently a trip irl :)

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  4. heres the smaller shroom :) i spent a lotta time on this one with details i duno if u can tell bc its pretty damn blurry its really hard trying to geta good pick in the dark with the black light going

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  5. heres a pic of the whole right side of the wall .... i have almost all the wall drawn in i just need to fill it in with black light paint then ill post more pics when im finished :)
  6. oops forgot to attach the pic for the post up there ^

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  7. heres one of my babies his name is rusty hes a german shephard/hound/ ect we found him wondering the streets

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  8. heres my other baby named hidi shes a schnouzer lol i cant spell it ahha she comes up to my waist and is 5 years old but acts like a 2 yo

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  9. Ah those walls are sick...ILL shrooms and claypool. Make sure to post pics of the jimi.
  10. 4 sure haha :)
  11. nice talent

    i wish icould do that sh!t man

    i draw stick figures
  12. your painting roxorz!
  13. nice man, pretty damn trippy
  14. I really like your wall man, especially the way its quite abstract, with lines going everywhere. You definitely have a trippy room! Very nice dogs aswell.
  15. my plan is to write the lyrics to de-loused in the comatorium on my wall in black-light ink. scare the crap out of some people, specially since im not gonna tell them about it.
  16. you rule.

    awesome dogs =) they're cuter than fuck =))

    les claypool is jeebus christ
  17. trippy indeed, that shit would probably freak me out. try using a tripod to take the pics next time.

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