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    Yes, as shocking as it may sound, your very own JWS plays the violin. Usually people don't think I would be the "type of person" to play but I do. Classical music, particularly baroque period (Vivaldi, Pachelbel, Bach, Handel, Purcell...) is my first love in music and that being so, I learned to play the violin. Are there any other violin players here?
    And yes, thats a KMK hat. Haha I love all music that sounds good.
  2. You really don't seem like a violin type of guy but fuck it, thats pretty cool man. Shiet, I saw you post in the dubstep thread, how about getting some DS going with a cool violin melody? Now that would be Boss.
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    Hva you heard of Paul Dateh?
    [ame=]YouTube - Hip Hop Violin - Paul Dateh and inka one[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- Celtic Blues[/ame]
    Shit's DOPE.
  4. I really love the violin, I think it's one of the more beautiful instruments. I had lessons when I was in first grade but my teacher made me cry so I quit. A couple years ago the local music store that rents musical instruments went out of business and I bought a beautiful violin with the intentions of teaching myself.

    It just needs to be restrung and tuned.
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    Get crackin' woman! It ain't gonna teach it's self! The violin is very easy to play. It's very hard to play well.

    Smokeebear- that would be SICK! I'll think about that for awhile.

  6. I know! I know!! I've gotta take it to the store lol.
    Do you ever listen to Ludovico Einaudi? It's mostly piano music but I love how it's paired with strings.
  7. If I may make a suggestion, provided you are serious about learning to play, you need lessons. At least once a week for the first few months if nothing else. If you take my advice, I, along with many teachers, recomend the Suzuki Method of instruction. There are so many bad habits that you can pick up if not taught to avoid them and the intricate nature of playing the violin properly really needs to be shown not just figured out. Anyone can make a violin produce sound, the art is learning to make it sing.

  8. Word, which is why I haven't been in a hurry to get it restrung. I can't exactly afford lessons right now. I actually already have a Suzuki book from when I was learning.
  9. Which one? I still play alot of those songs.
  10. That's sweet dude. My dad used to play the fiddle back in the day.
  11. I don't play the violin but they are pretty badass instruments. I play bass though and I want one of these Hofner Basses.


  12. I'll have to go home and look, but it's white with blue swirls on the front [I think]
  13. I wish I knew how to play but I understand its hard as something you're supposed to start learning when you're a little kid still.
  14. my baby, Gliga Christian

  15. Nice lookin fiddle Illidelphin. How long have you been playing? Also, have you ever tried the viola? I'm planning to get one soon.
  16. i would love to see the electric violin emerge more in modern music

    im learning guitar currently btw
  17. thanks man, she's beautiful :love:

    i've been playing on and off since 4th grade... so like 8-9 years ago.

    i didn't take it with me to college because it cost 2k, so i need to start practicing again. :rolleyes:

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