My view on the "N" word

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  1. yes, offenses are the offendeds' fault. they choose to be offended. maybe if bitches stopped bein bitches, dicks bein dicks, cunts bein cunts. people wouldnt call others shit. u only get offended with the truth

  2. So how do things work? Can we never say a word or statement that may offend someone?
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    Lol u ain't lying man those shits got my mind trippin
  4. ***** ***** a **** **** you **** ***** why bother with ****** when ***** ***** *****!

  5. You're acting like you're the one being prejudiced against.
  6. How is that?
  7. You don't see it?
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    If you mean that people are trying to take away your and my freedom of speech, then your right.

    And I'll ask you, again, how do things work?

  9. Nobodies trying to take away your freedom of speech dude LOL.

    Think about what you are gaining and what you are losing by calling people ******s

    Gaining: the ability to say a two syllable word

    Losing: respect, dignity etc.
  10. I don't want or feel the need to say that word. I just don't want anyone to lose the ability to say anything. Get it?

  11. and how have you lost that ability?
  12. Are you an idiot? It's banned from this site and people want to ban it in general. What's next bitch, cunt, fuck, shit, pussy, fag, whore, slut and etc.?
  13. How about cracker, pecker wood, white devil and whiteboy?
  14. Again, I don't want anybody to lose the right to say anything. Words are only words. You and I didn't choose our color, it's just our melanin.

  15. Dude, this is a privately owned site from Europe... The owner can refuse or allow anything he wants. What the owner does not allow on his site does not affect your rights in America (I'm assuming you're an American). If it were up to me all racial slurs or remarks that make fun of a populous would be banned from the site

  16. Your right about this privately owned site; the owner can allow what he/she wants. But I'm mainly talking about real life.

    You proved my point. Once you ban one word, it opens the door for more and more words to become taboo. How about curse words? Those should be banned too because those words offend a multitude of people.

  17. That's not my point at all. When did I say anything should be banned?

    Also curse words are not directed at a particular group of people; but if someone asks you to stop swearing around them or their family you should stop. This is how a society works.

  18. If it were up to me all racial slurs or remarks that make fun of a populous would be banned from the site- your previous post

  19. Well that's the great thing about living in a free country - it's not up to me

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