My view on the "N" word

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by royce4weed2012, Aug 14, 2011.

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  2. We don't take kind to ****** guys!

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    Yeah, I don't think of black people as ******s, I think of thugs, and shitty people as ******s.
  3. White people will never understand how it feels when a black person (like me) gets called that word. Don't even try and don't try and make it seem like we are oversensitive too. Just let it be.

  4. Then GTFO.. troll
  5. only nggers don't like being called nggers.
  6. exactly

    n fuck that slave bs, yall werent slaves your ancestors were like pretty much everyone else's. pussies gettin booty hurt over nothin. dont matter if u black/white/brown/yellow/blue/pokadot, if you're a ****** you're a ******. if u down n we good, u my ***** idc what race, religion, creed, or who your daddy is.
  7. How about not using any words that puts down an entire community or race? Is it really that hard?
  8. Anybody who cares more about the word than the context is just looking to stir up trouble and make themselves feel good.
  9. I do think it's a dumb word, and if some black people wouldn't like to be called a N then they shouldn't call each other that (rappers, "ghetto" blacks). Other than that it really doesn't mean fag, just like fag doesn't really mean jerk/asshole etc. etc.
  10. I'm black and I hate that, when they call each other the N Word loudly. Especially in front of white people LOL.
  11. Nigg@!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. If you wanna take offense then go ahead and do it. All races though have been discriminated against though, so people can leave the "you're white" out of the argument. I've seen people of almost every race take a racial slur and just say fuck it and let it slide right off their back.. All I'm saying is racial slurs are worth ignoring entirely and they shouldn't bother you, just like somebody calling somebody a "dumbass" or something shouldn't bother them... Because fuck it.

    It's just a word, like all the others.

  13. Sick bubbler man!!!

  14. That's such a stupid argument - Because other people don't get offended we should say whatever we want whenever we want and if people get offended it's their own fault?

    That's not how things work
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    No, you're taking my argument all wrong. Maybe I didn't put it out clear enough, I don't know.

    Like I said before, I think it's not a cool word so I don't use it. I don't think other people should either, but they do anyway. If somebody says it to you, why should you beat yourself up by getting offended? Did they take anything from you? Did they beat you up? No, they simply used a word that is racist, and it's up to you the listener to determine how big of a deal it is.

    Why make it a big deal? Why get upset? Will it get anything at all done? No, it only gives the reaction that whoever said the N word wanted. They wanted to offend you and they did.. With just a fucking word. You let them fuck you up with six goddamn letters

    It's just a derogatory term. Weren't we all raised to know that words are only worth what we make them and if somebody insults us that we should just shrug it off? How is suggesting somebody does that a poor argument?

    If people grew up (NOT saying "if black people would grow up" All races play a part here) and just fucking let things go that they could let go like this.. The word wouldn't even be used anymore given some time. The way things are now though it will never go away.

    But yeah, if you take offense, then that's partly your fault.
  16. Can't we all just get abong? Ha
  17. OP, using that many ***************** in a stoner forum in not a good idea
    I'm blazed right now and feel mind fucked by all those **********
  18. someone calling a black person a ***** or ****** is like calling us stoners; you can only do it if you're one of us

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