My view on the "N" word

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    ok, well i dont know if ****** is censured or not but im gonna be saying it alot so get ready to hate but then see my side. Ok black people arent ******s till they make themself ******s. I count any one who is being a fag a ******. like in my brain ******=fag. And not the gay fag, the guy who is just being a fag. Ive called many white people ******, infact the guy down the block is a ****** cuz some one robbed his house like almost clean i guess and he called the cops blaming me and my brother with no proof. They came to our house while my fucking grandparents, so that was a bitch. I really wanted to beat this ******s ass (now note! this guy is a white guy and he is being the biggest ****** right now, dont you think? like what a ******. Now note again! i lied about story and its completely not true... see now whos the ****** now?? me. Im white and im the ******. FUCK ******S ALL TOGETHER

    Hope you can see my side

    and for the people who might think this is racist, fuck you dumb bitch its the internet

    oh yea, and fuck the ****** mod whos probably going to delete this
  2. I don't **** what the **** you're ******* about!
  3. Damn bro you blabbed some shit right here lol. I think you're wrong. You have a mis-interpitations of words. Get them right before you mess with the wrong person
  4. let's see how fast this gets closed
  5. I'm black I really don't use the word but if someone calls me one it depends it think theres a ****** term meaning brother and friend and a derogatory term if a white friend happens to say ****** meaning friend i really wouldn't care.
  6. :wave: Theres a difference between "A" and "ER" know what im sayin?
  7. I love saying it cuz I'm black but super white washed and it makes my friends somewhat uncomfortable because I guess they forget I'm black.

    But Idk I don't really like when anyone of any color says it, I don't say it often normally when I put my rap head on ya dig? :smokin:
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    If a black person cares when a white person says it but not a black person, they're a fucking idiot. Although I personally don't say it just because I don't like it. But then again, so fucking what? Just like any other word, it's just a small combination of letters, and is just a word... Why should anybody let themselves get so worked up over a single word? It's not a big deal and people make it into one I think.. But because of that, I don't bother saying it.

    and despite what some people think, it's not worse than any other racial slur >.>..
  9. u know i was thinkin bout people bein ******s, couldnt remember why til now. ******s makin noise when i was at the theater last night. n the govt wonders why people pirate movies
  10. This thread sucks.
  11. Kind of ignorant saying its just a word and not a big deal. but I agree with that fiirst part.

    Notice how the op has a red bar, suprising.:laughing:
  12. I mean, if that's what you think, cool.. But if somebody calls me a derogatory name, I'm just gonna think "what the fuck ever". I'm not going to let a simple word get me worked up or make shit hard on me because I don't have to. It IS just a word, so why not let it just roll off instead of caring? It's like.. it's their fault if they say it, but it's your fault if it really upsets you.. I think, anyway

  13. haha shit! im having this as my sig
  14. yeah but, and im guessing your white, as am i, sorry if im wrong,... how often do we get called derogatory words?

    im not black so i would never know what it feels to be called a nig in a hurtful mannor, but i would assume that word has a lot of hatred especially if their members of their family were slaves.

    but i think we both can agree slavery was pretty fucked up.
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    I can't believe the city has the N word blocked out. Is this the only word that can't be written on this site? You can't have a free and open community if there is censorship in any form.

  16. hahaha… here's a few white slurs:
    cracker, buckra, cabbage, honkey, peckerwood, blanco, white devil, gringo and the list goes on an on
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    Oh yeah ik, never said there wasn't, im just saying I think there's a greater chance to be called a slur if your, black, hispanic, or maybe even asian, then being a white person, I've maybe been called a cracker once, twice? Honkey, maybe once or twice

    I for one, am grateful im a white, male, lower - middle class american. Instead of kenyan where you get burned for stealing a sack of potatoes.

    However, times like these I kinda wish I was born in canada :devious:

    Edit- you can say it by, *edit* don't wanna get an infraction*, i heard that works.. or you can say niqqa
  18. Im white too and another racial term is whiteboy. When I am around people of African descent who don't know me well, I will frequently get called this term. However, I always correct them and tell him/her to call me by my actual name. Race is interpreted differently around the globe; I live in New Orleans and there is definitely more racial tension in the southern part of the U.S. because of historical events.

    I honestly think political correctness is one of the stupidest movements of all time. No word should be taboo because that makes people forget.

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