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My view of vaccines

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by AnakinEiktiwan, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Isnt also a miracle that Ebola just "appeared" just when biotechnics was going fast forward?

    And also HIV just "appeared" in 3 different places from nowhere.

    Is Africa, in fact, just a big human experiment for pharma? Billions of dollars to vaccines there but no food so the people will be weak and no resistance to whatsoever those "spacelizards" decide to test with them..

    BTW in Finland there is law that the gov can jail people, or put them on the asylum and give forced vaccinations.

    Without conspiracy it is very clear that there is secrets about vaccines and they are poisonous, harmful to human health. In fact, they cause you to have diseases and even death.

    Did you know the word vaccine comes from nature and means "berry"? So trust the nature and eat berries, it will protect you from diseases: not injecting untested nanopoisons which will penetrate your bloodvessels easily and go into your organs and brains..

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkGZTPt4N_Q]Native American Indian Shamans Call - YouTube[/ame]

    Well just my thoughts about this and now some links I found:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0dPYIfMW-4]Special Report: 30 Year Vaccine Safety Coverup Revealed - YouTube[/ame]



    30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards To Sell More Vaccines And Harm Your Kids « ________________Child Health Safety_________________


    Proof that Childhood Vaccinations Are a Hoax | Gaia HealthGaia Health

    83 Cases of Autism Associated with Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensated in Federal Vaccine... -- WASHINGTON, May 10, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --


    Health Authorities Now Admit Severe Side Effects of Vaccination : Swine flu, Pandemrix and Narcolepsy

    Study: Many Blacks Cite AIDS Conspiracy (washingtonpost.com)

    AIDS Link to Smallpox Vaccine

    According to a confidential GlaxoSmithKline document, within a two-year period, 36 infants died after receiving the 6-in-1 vaccine, Infanrix Hexa. | Vactruth.com

    Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990

    Ten deaths linked to having flu jab | UK | Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express

    Mumps outbreak in Orthodox Jewish communities i... [N Engl J Med. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI

    TETANUS VACCINES, SPONTANEOUS ABORTIONS, & Population Control. ThinkTwice!

    HPV vaccination Gardasil kills three New Zealand girls and debilitates hundreds of others | infonews.co.nz New Zealand's local news community

    Concerns raised that WHO

    Polio Surge In Nigeria After Vaccine Virus Mutates

    An Expert Revealed the Flu Vaccine Deception and Swine Flu Hoax

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    Minimum of 40 Children Paralyzed After New Meningitis Vaccine | Vactruth.com

    Activist Post: AIDS-Like Disease Mysteriously Appears Where Merck Conducted Vaccine Trials

    WAVE - Vaccine Ingredients

    BMJ admits that fraud claim against Dr. Andrew Wakefield has no basis in fact



    Facing Autism Symptoms in New Brunswick: Autism and the MMR Vaccine:Was Wakefield Confirmed by Wake Forest University School of Medicine Study?

    Autism finding could lead to simple urine test for the condition

    Leading Dr.: Vaccines-Autism Worth Study - CBS News

    Am J Public Health. 1987 Aug;77(8):945-51. Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis immunization and sudden infant death syndrome. Walker AM, Jick H, Perera DR, Thompson RS, Knauss TA. Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis immunization... [Am J Public Health. 1987] - PubMed - NCBI
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  2. Wow u took alot of time
  3. Thanks op! I've been reading up on the dangers of vaccines for awhile now
  4. Vaccines save lives you sound a little paranoid. Fuck the flu shot though haha
  5. oh, well. can't do anything about it
  6. What am I doing? Sharing info. Yes you can do, but do you want?
  7. Time to head back to glp

  8. And you have 2062 posts... What of it?
  9. #9 Pollution, Jan 10, 2013
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    Thats coward chat
  10. Some vaccines may a good idea. But others are not needed. The body needs to build up it immune system some how
  11. Good info op, it will be interesting to see how this thread turns out.
  12. Mathers invented inocculation to save people from small pox
  13. OMG how many times do I have to tell people that that's exactly what vaccines do, strengthen your immune system. It's just artificially triggering an immune response with an inert form of whatever virus you're trying to protect against.

    God people...
  14. Polio vaccine; now that was some bull shit *rolling eyes*
  15. In 2 years 3 months. Sorry what you wrote is stupid
  16. TL;DR Vaccines save millions of lives, and Virus' are evolving thus gaining immunity to them. We have a MAJOR shortage of them in third world countries and other poor locations around the globe.

    Antibiotics need investing in as well. OP, idk what you are blabbing about but we need to stay one step ahead of virus'/bacteria or else they will kill us.
  17. It is kinda stupid that you ignore the facts and then you post religious statements "vaccines saves lifes".

    Hygiene saves lifes. Good food saves lifes. Humans immune system is perfect made by nature.

    Manipulating nature will only bring destruction to humankind in the end. Fukushima anyone? How about HAARP?

    There is no idea injecting aborted cells etc into your body. If we would ask a couple generations back people what they think of this I am quite sure they would say it is worshipping the devil if I might also give my religious opinion of this.
  18. Have you had any viccanes as a child ? Or ever
  19. :rolleyes:

    "Vaccines save lives" is not a religious statement, it's a fact. Smallpox used to kill hundreds of millions of people (and blind/scar millions more) until the vaccine was created.

    That just might be one of the most ridiculous, most arrogant things I've ever read.

    Ah yes, you are clearly a very logical and well-balanced individual. Worshipping the devil, you say? Yes, clearly you are right and I will give up this debate to go continue my devil worship activities.
  20. If our immune systems are perfect and all we need is a good diet then this medical marijuana must be useless and evil also

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